6 Ways to Teach Math Using Homemade Slime

Homeschool math ideas to use with homemade slime! Fun learning activities with slime. Math activities with slime.

Has the homemade slime craze taken over your home yet? If so, you might be wondering how you can use it to your advantage! While it might just seem like fun and games, the truth is you can use this slime making to your mathematical advantage! Making your own slime can be an … [Read more...]

Harnessing the Power of Online Math

Using online math in your homeschool with CTCMath

  Let's get real about math for a minute, shall we? There are some who love math and approach it with enthusiasm. Then there are others for whom math is a four-letter word. Well, technically math is a four-letter word, but I think you know what I mean. We fall into the … [Read more...]

What is Living Math?

What is living math? How to use Charlotte Mason's principles in your homeschool math studies. hsbapost.com

  There are many curriculums that claim to align with Charlotte Mason's philosophy. Mathematics is one of the most difficult subjects to determine if it truly aligns. This post will talk about what makes "living math." Charlotte Mason's philosophy that education is an … [Read more...]

Making Sense of Math

A look at several popular homeschool math programs and which type of learning styles they work best for at hsbapost.com

Math is considered an essential subject, but it's one that's associated with anxiety for many students - and for many a homeschool mom as well. Especially as their students reach upper grades and are expected to learn algebra and geometry. Let's face it, even if we did pretty … [Read more...]

Life of Fred Intermediate Math Stories

An in-depth look at Life of Fred intermediate math series and why it works for us in our homeschool. Stop struggling with math and try Life of Fred!

  Do you use living books in your homeschool? Do you have a math-phobic student who would rather read engaging stories than work through math textbooks? Do you need to shake up your current approach to math with some high-interest supplements? If any of those apply, Life … [Read more...]