New Year’s Resolutions – for Mom!

How about this as a Mom New Year's Resolution list: Wake, Move, Read, Write, Share!

You might be busy making resolutions right now. Especially resolutions about how to manage your homeschool this year. But don't forget about you - the mom and the blogger. In addition to continuing the #12er "12 Habits in 12 Months" I started last year, I'm planning on … [Read more...]

Waffle Words Spelling Game {Free Printable}

Waffle Words Spelling Game free printable @hsbapost #homeschool

I was inspired the other day by Lana's post on spelling lessons. One of her "rules" was to play a spelling game. "What's a spelling game?!" I thought. I'm the math mom, remember. Spelling doesn't involve logic or rules - rules that can be consistently followed anyhow. … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Pudding

Yummy new recipe just in time for the holidays!

I accidentally made this while attempting yams and not having all the right ingredients - or enough of the ones I did have. It turned out so yummy that I made it for my sister's birthday brunch. Again - success! If you're looking for something that's sweet, perfect for the … [Read more...]

Don’t Freak on the Delete


I grew up on an Apple IIe. My daddy taught me a lot on that thing. (In retrospect, he did an awful lot of homeschooling of me, even though he sent me to public school.) I learned to type. He would say to me, "These are the home keys: ASDF and JKL;. If I walk by and you're … [Read more...]

Easy Embed Tweet WordPress Plugin

Do you use Wordpress for your blogging? Do your readers use twitter? You might have seen my previous article about embedding tweets in order to make it easy for your readers to share your posts. But with with the plugin "Easy Embed Tweet" it can be easy for you too! Test it … [Read more...]