Meet Kelly


Hi! I’m Kelly. Before I get to the important facts about why I homeschool, let me get to the real important facts about me and my brood.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a young gal moved from Florida to Texas. While there, she decided to go ahead and attend the local community college. She had four classes that first semester but only two of those mattered. You see, her first class was pretty boring. She sat in it and tried to not let it show that her eyes were glazing over. History and English classes came next, and then her last class of the day: French class. She noticed eventually that in her first class there was a guy who was ALSO in her French class. Little did she know that said guy was madly in love with her. He would have married her right then and there. She, however, took a lot more convincing.

Finally, after much persuasion, this young man persuaded this young woman to go out, “just for ice cream.” That first date turned into a lunch at a Tex-Mex restaurant, then ice cream, and then, because why not? a visit to the guys parents! Within two weeks, the young couple knew they were meant to be, and the rest, they say, is history.

That young couple are now a much less skinnier pair and have been married nine years. Within those nine years, they have had five children. Because they like children so much they are adding to their beautiful family through adoption from Africa. They live in Texas, still, and are raising their family in the ways of the Lord to the best of their ability.

The end. (For now. . . )

Why do I homeschool?

I realize that homeschooling is laid on peoples’ hearts in different ways. I was first introduced to homeschooling when I was a wee gal in the 80’s. You see, my parents homeschooled me. Back then it was rather dangerous to homeschool (social workers, anyone?) and there were a LOT less curriculum choices. Still, my parents knew that homeschooling my brother and I was following God’s plans for their lives. I am so glad they listened.

I am the oldest of nine. My mother is still homeschooling my youngest sister, who is, incidentally, only 8 years old and 2 months younger than my oldest child. (Yes, the aunt is younger than the niece) I have seen my mom teach us and I am familiar with this way of imparting education on ones progeny. Their was no major jump of faith when I started homeschooling my own children because I had had the best education myself.

Another part of why my husband and I chose homeschooling was because we wanted to protect our children. Yes, I know many look down on homeschooling parents for this, but we felt that in order to bring our children up in God’s ways, we needed to be there to teach them which ways are God’s and which ways are the world’s. My husband had been a public school child until graduation. In his public school career, he was choked by a teacher as a young child, not given the chance to excel in the things he really wanted to learn, and ridiculed because he didn’t color in the lines as well as his peers. He did not want his children to go through the same things.

We tend to view home education as beyond academics. We use the whole day to teach and train our children. Not only are they learning mathematics and history, they are being reared to become wise and responsible adults who will some day, Lord willing, raise families of their own. We see the time we put now into their home education as investing in God’s vision for the family and we have seen so much fruit from our efforts.

You can find more about my homeschooling successes and failures at my blog, Wisdom Begun. ( My curriculum of choice, freebies, reviews, pictures of activities, how I deal with reading aloud to my children and lots more homeschool-related posts are there. I also like to throw in a few devotional pieces as well to encourage other mothers.

May God bless your home education journey!

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