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The Homeschool Post is owned and managed by Sara. You can find details about our awesome team of writers on the Team Page. Please note, no one on the team is eligible for nomination.

About the Awards

The Awards are an annual event that take two months to complete. The site is run year-round by the bloggers who volunteer their time to post daily. All blogs run by bloggers who are not volunteering time to post on the site during the time of the awards are eligible to be nominated for the awards and win prizes if they are offered. No special treatment is shown to blogs written by anyone affiliated with those who award donations for the contest, or to group blogs which may feature an Author on this site; however, those blogs that are not solely owned and operated by Authors on this site are qualified to be nominated for these awards as long as no more than one author of this site write for them. The rules may or may not be the same each year, so if you don’t check back here, watch for updates each year as the awards begin. We will likely post a notice and link when we make changes to the general awards rules, the below legal policy. To protect ourselves as homeschool moms and individual bloggers we have been advised by counsel to compile the following legal policy. If you aren’t out to do us harm, it is likely that the below policy will not matter a hill of beans to you… but please do us the favor of reviewing it anyway!


Family friendly (G-rated) blogs only. Do not nominate a blog that has cussing (no potty mouth), photographic nudity (we aren’t talking about one image of some sculpture from the 1500’s in an art post), sexual content, or hostility toward other bloggers.

Do not nominate a blog that has nothing to do with homeschooling – nor a blog that is hostile towards homeschooling.

You can tell by reading someone’s blog posts about homeschooling if they are doing it or contributing towards others doing it. This is a general rule to weed out those who would nominate people that are…

…a blog that is from someone who has never mentioned that they homeschool
…a blog that mentioned it once in 2010 and never did again
…a blog that is negative about homeschooling
…a blog that is by someone whose great-aunt’s housekeeper homeschools and she mentions it in passing a few times
…a blog that is mainly about public school and community college and not really about homeschool at all

If you have kids at home and you haven’t officially started calling it homeschooling, but you are working with them to teach them at home, and you are considering homeschooling, you may still be nominated, as long as you meet the other requirements of the category for which you were nominated.

Also, if your kids are taking some college classes at a campus and then doing other homeschool work at home and you are discussing those learning moments or talking about what you did to get them graduated from homeschool up to this point, that qualifies, as well.

If your kids have left home, have all gone to college, and you spent the entire year just having fun and not helping them any more with education and your blog is mainly now about your new Lexus and the time you spend at Disney World, well . . . then that would be questionable.

Our authors are reviewing the sites. If anything is brought to our attention that seems questionable, the entire group of us would discuss it and decide if the blog should be allowed or not.

Hopefully we won’t have any problems and we won’t need to make a call like that. Most people know when they read your blog if you are a homeschooler.

Only blogs who are owned by homeschoolers that are actively homeschooling for at least part of the year that the awards are held in will be considered as nominees. If you have been doing preschool all the way through college with your kids at any point during the award year, you meet this requirement. Of course, if you are a homeschool vendor (curriculum/business) who supplies products for the homeschooling community, this would not apply to your blog. If you are a homeschool father, it also doesn’t mean that YOU yourself have to be the one who has been homeschooling, but that your kids are (and you mention the homeschooling process or lifestyle on your blog). In other words, the blog awards are for current homeschoolers or those who are currently providing advice, curriculum, or services to homeschooling families. The Family Friendly rules also still apply (meaning your blog doesn’t contain objectionable content that is not appropriate for most audiences). To make the family friendly rule as clear as possible, we have quoted Lauren from the Family Friendly Blogroll:

“I don’t care what you write about, your religious affiliation, or whether you are male or female. The sites I will not accept are ones that are simply advertising or spam, and ones that could not be read out loud to my Grandmother, while her preschool age great-grandchildren gather around her feet, without her throwing a shoe at your head. Get the picture? No foul language or posts that would obviously offend in mixed company. If it isn’t obvious, I guess I’ll have final say.”

Someone will not be scouring your blog with a fine-tooth comb looking to disqualify you (in case anyone was worried). We will most likely just go to your front page to make sure things check out as we set up our final nominations list for everyone to see. Most all of the blogs nominated are personal blogs to some extent and we are aware that everyone is a human and is not perfect. ALL genders, races, and religious/non-religious types are welcome. If you happen to win a prize that is religious in nature and you don’t want that prize, just let us know and we’ll pass it on to the runner up for your category,and you can keep the winner badge on your blog.

NEW FOR 2014:  First Place Winners from last year are not eligible to win in the same category the following year. If you won for Best Blog Design in 2013, you can not win again for Best Blog Design in 2014, but you will be eligible in 2014. You can still win first place in any of the other categories.

2014 Blog Awards Announcements and Updates

Email us at our contact page if you have any questions.


Awards held on this site have NO ENTRY FEE.

By participating on the Homeschool Post website, or https://hsbapost.com (hereby referred to as “HSBA”), you are signifying that you agree completely with all terms, conditions, and legal rules herein (hereby referred to as “Policy”). If you do not agree with this Policy please refrain from commenting, posting, nominating, voting, or participating in any way with the HSBA site or with the personal blogs/sites of those who post at the HSBA (hereby referred to as “Authors”), the awards, or the donation or receipt of any donated gift for winners of the awards (hereby referred to as “Prize”). Please come back and review this Policy before you participate through commenting, posting, nominating, or voting on this site to ensure that you are up to date on the rules and Policy outlined herein, as your continued participation following any changes constitutes your acceptance of those changes. We reserve the right to modify, change, and revise our legal Policy at any time.

The Awards are open to legal residents of all fifty states of the United States of America and the District of Columbia who are at least 18 years of age. Underage participants are required to have written permission from their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) if they should win (personal information is not required from any blogger unless the person wins a Prize in the Awards). Bloggers in other countries are welcome to participate as well, as long as participating does not violate any of their country’s laws regarding contests or sweepstakes. Those who access the HSBA site from outside the United States and participate in the Awards in any way do so at their own risk and at their discretion, and are responsible to comply with the local laws of their place of residence.

The Awards contest is VOID WHERE PROHIBITED.

Participation constitutes full acceptance and unconditional agreement to all general contest rules and this legal Policy which is final and binding in all matters relating to this site and the awards held by HSBA.

Nominations are voluntary and acceptable from anyone who agrees with all the rules of the awards and this Policy. The voting polls provided on the HSBA are automated and monitored to ensure that no cheating or tampering ensues. The HSBA hires someone to run the nominations and voting poll process with the vendor fees collected from those who donate prizes. The HSBA reserves the right to prevent from participation any voter, or remove from the contest any nominee who engages in activities intended to improperly influence the voting procedure. If we discover cheating from an IP address, we may without notice, delete any and all votes from that IP without notifying anyone. Polling will happen annually unless HSBA changes the method of running the contest.

For 2014, the Polls will open November 3, 2014 at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time (PST) and will close on November 17, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time (PST). HSBA is not liable on the basis of participants being unable to vote due to failure of their hardware, software, power outages, or any other cause. Voting is voluntary and by doing so, you signify that you are aware that your ISP and IP Address will be tracked by our polls.


By submitting any comments or emails to the HSBA website or to any sites belonging to any of the volunteer Authors who post at the HSBA, you are agreeing not to upload, post, or otherwise distribute any content or data that:

-is unlawful, abusive, deceptive, infringes upon another person’s privacy, threatens, shares personal information about someone other than yourself or your immediate family, victimizes, harasses, or intimidates anyone based upon their religion, gender, race, age, or nationality.

-infringes upon any copyright or trademark, constitutes spamming, solicitation, advertising, or gambling.

-contains files or programs that might harm, damage, or disrupt any software or hardware belonging to the Authors associated with this website or any other person on the web that links to the HSBA or visits this site.

-seeks to obtain information from this site, the Author’s sites, or from any person who might leave comments or are nominated for any award with the intent of distributing it or using it for solicitations or other unlawful purposes.

HSBA Authors are not responsible for: 1) incorrect or inaccurate information on the HSBA site or errors associated with the Awards due to (but not limited to) malfunctions, interruptions, disconnections, technical, or human error, discontinuance of the Awards, or deliberate participant tampering.

The HSBA website and its Authors reserve the right to remove any content or comment that does not comply with our legal Policy or is otherwise harmful, threatening, objectionable, inaccurate, or disruptive towards our purpose – which is to uplift and encourage other homeschooling bloggers and families. HSBA Authors or those who offer Prizes for the Awards are not responsible for any delay or failure to remove content that is voluntarily submitted by other parties to this website. The personal opinions and comments, posts, or other data expressed on this site may or may not reflect the opinions of the Authors who post here. Each person (Author and commenter) who posts on this site is separate and individual. Any review, link, or mention made by an Author or commenter on this site to a product or service is solely the Author or commenter’s opinion and does not reflect the HSBA’s opinion as a whole. While we do accept products to review from time to time, our reviews and links are not an attempt to advertise or promote that product or service and we do not get compensated monetarily for our honest opinion.


The HSBA website links to other sites that are not affiliated with and are not under the control of the HSBA or its Authors. It is possible that even with the strict guidelines for “family friendly only” sites to be nominated and awarded through our Awards, you may be linked to content that you personally: 1) may not enjoy, 2) may find inappropriate or offensive, or 3) may not agree with. You agree by any participation on the HSBA site through commenting, nominating, or voting that you hold the Authors and those awarding Prizes for the HSBA not responsible for the content on third party sites in any form or fashion (including but not limited to its accuracy, legality, decency, or copyright conformity).


Prizes change every year as they are offered as a donated gift by third parties and are not promised by HSBA. HSBA is not responsible for the shipment or delivery of any Prize listed on this site. To see a current Prize list, please look at our sidebar as we will keep it updated with current links. Past prizes may or may not be left on the sidebars for you to view. We reserve the right at any time to modify, add to, delete, or otherwise change any information on the Prize pages. Due to the fact that some of the individuals and companies who offer donations do so before, during, and after voting has begun, you should not expect a final list of Prizes until the date that the winners are announced. No person or company who offers a donation for a Prize is bound by any agreement with HSBA or its Authors to deliver and distribute such Prize.

When the 2014 Prize Page goes live we will include the link here.

Prize submissions are being taken until November 1, 2014, so the prize page is not complete at this date. The odds of winning the prizes depend on the number of nominees chosen each year in each category of the Awards and the personal opinions of those voting for the finalists in each category.The total value of all Prizes in 2013 was estimated at approximately $15,949.00 US Dollars . We will be updating the 2014 numbers shortly.

Prizes will be mailed only to those winners who abide by all general award rules and comply with this legal Policy. Authors who are currently posting on HSBA during the awards period for each year are disqualified from winning or being awarded prizes for winning. Any Prize offered by those donating Prizes to these awards is transferable to another blogger if the award winner so chooses to opt out of receiving the Prize and the person they elect to receive the Prize chooses to accept it. Again, the Prizes are not promised but are offered as donated gifts by third parties and are provided at the sole discretion of the vendors/persons who offered them. The HSBA is not liable for the failure of any vendor/persons who offered Prizes to deliver said Prizes. Participation on this site through commenting, nominating, voting, or receiving a prize demonstrates your agreement to release and hold harmless the HSBA and its Authors and the vendors/persons who offer Prizes from any cause of action or claim, not limited to, but including the late delivery of a Prize, the decision by the vendor/person offering the Prize to NOT send a listed Prize, personal injury, death, damage to, or loss arising out of participation in the awards or receipt, use, or misuse of any Prize.

After winners have been announced the winners will have one week (7 days) to contact an Author of the HSBA via email or comment with their personal information required for shipping the Prize they have won. If winner fails to contact the HSBA, they forfeit their Prize and Title to the runner-up in their category and it will be announced on the HSBA blog and via email to the runner-up. After the initial information required for Prize delivery is obtained, the HSBA will pass the information to the vendor/person who offered the Prizes and the winner will be contacted by the Prize awarders or will have Prizes shipped to them. By participating in the awards or accepting a Prize, the participant agrees to give express permission to HSBA Authors to transfer their personal information to the awarders of Prizes for the sole purpose of shipment of their Prizes. If winner does not agree with the privacy policy of the vendors/persons awarding Prizes, they should refrain from submitting personal information to that vendor/person. To find out the privacy policy of any vendor/person offering a Prize for the Awards posted on this site, you may either visit their external third-party website, contact them directly, or send an email to one of the current Authors of this site so that we may provide you with contact information.

Prize awarders have until the 15th of January 2015 to distribute prizes to the winners of the 2014 Homeschool Blog Awards. If prizes are slow in getting to you, please feel free to contact the vendors directly or you may email the HSBA so that we can assist you in contacting the vendor/person who offered the Prize in your category.

The HSBA, its Authors or any of the vendors/persons offering Prizes reserve the right to cancel, suspend, or modify the awards, Prizes and any and all content on this site for any reason.


The list of winners for each year is kept on the website for all to view. As soon as the winners are announced on or around November 21st, 2014, they will be posted on the website.


The official privacy policy of the HSBA is as follows:

Visiting the HSBA website may or may not collect data in the form of cookies from your personal computer. If you log in and comment, you are required to give your name, email, and website if it applies. We do not release, sell, or share any information regarding your visits or comments on this site, nor do we share any of your personal emails we receive with any third parties unless you have given permission; however, comments made on this site are provided by you with permission to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, and display on the HSBA site. By leaving any comment publicly on the HSBA site (whether it is deleted or left visible); you give express permission to the HSBA and its Authors for your comment to be shown in its entirety on any part of the HSBA site or the sites belonging to the Authors of the HSBA. Deletion of a comment from our site (by the Authors of this site or the person leaving the comment) does not necessarily mean that the comment is permanently deleted. The HSBA makes no guarantee that information you leave on our site or the sites belonging to the Authors of the HSBA will not be stolen by third parties and used in an unlawful way. By leaving any information on the HSBA site or sending any electronic messages to HSBA Authors or vendors/persons offering Prizes for the awards, you acknowledge that the HSBA Authors or vendors/persons offering Prizes for the awards are not responsible or liable for any infringements on your intellectual property or personal information by third parties. If you believe that your information has been improperly used, you may notify us at thehomeschoolpost@gmail.com.


You acknowledge and agree that all content on this site is protected by copyright, trademark, and other proprietary laws. Except when authorized by an Author of the HSBA, you agree not to sell, distribute copy, reproduce, transmit, publicly display, publish, adapt, or edit the material found on the HSBA site or the personal blogs or websites belonging to the Authors or Prize awarders of the HSBA. Any systematic data mining from this site for the purpose of compiling a collection of content or materials for any purpose not expressly permitted by the Authors on this site is strictly prohibited. All content, images, materials, trademarks, posted data, and site design on this site are the property of HSBA and may not be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission by an Author of the HSBA.


Upon any participation with this site or the site’s Authors, you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the HSBA, its Authors, owners, affiliates, visitors to the site, nominees, winners, and Prize awarders from all liabilities, claims and expenses, including, but not limited to attorney’s fees that arise from your use or misuse of this website or participation in the awards or any contest held on this site in any way.

You expressly agree that exclusive jurisdiction for any claim or action arising from or relating to your disagreement with the HSBA’s Authors or the use of this site shall be filed only in the Superior Court of DeKalb County, Georgia, United State of America. You also agree and submit to the exercise of personal jurisdiction of such court for the purpose of litigating any such claim or action. Unless otherwise specified herein, this Policy constitutes an official and binding agreement between you and the HSBA and its Authors with respect to this website and supersedes all prior communications, proposals (whether written, oral, or electronic) between you and the HSBA or its Authors. If any portion of this Policy is held invalid or unenforceable, that portion shall be construed in a manner consistent with current applicable law to reflect as closely as possible the original intent of both parties involved in the dispute, and the remaining portion of the Policy shall remain in full force and effect.

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If you have any questions regarding any of the general rules for the awards or this binding legal Policy you may contact the HSBA by using the contact page provided on our site’s home-page.

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