Thanksgiving Writing Activities and Prompts

thanksgiving pies

  Just because it's the week of Thanksgiving doesn't mean you can't incorporate a few fun writing activities and prompts into your homeschool days. Even if you traditionally take time off from formal schooling, you can still find engaging and inspirational ideas to … [Read more...]

The Cornucopia of Homeschool Blogs

A Cornucopia of Homeschool Blogs @hsbapost

  I am profoundly grateful that blogs came about when they did. You see it was writing a blog that not only reignited my own stalled education....but also blogging that led me to discovering homeschooling in the first place. Amazingly, I was 30 years old and had … [Read more...]

Why Become a Homeschool Blogger?

homeschool blogger

  There are tons, I mean TONS of homeschool bloggers out there. Because there are so many homeschool bloggers it can be hard to break apart and be different from the rest. The difference in our blogs typically lie in why we become homeschool bloggers. There are … [Read more...]