Touring Tuesday

It's time for another tour around the web today.  We found some great crafts, freebies, articles, & recipes for your Tuesday Touring pleasure! How to Make Beautiful Beads From Recycled Newspaper - Great homeschool creative project. Rainforest Thumbprint Art - A fun … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tour: Mayfield Dairy


What we learned on our field trip to Mayfield Dairy in Braselton ,GA: Mayfield was the first dairy farm to make and fill their own jugs They fill 250,000-300,000 jugs of milk and juice a day They use the opaque yellow jug to reflect and block out light to protect the flavor … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tour

Let's  take a little tour today to some great sites to keep us occupied while its so cold! Best way to spend these winter days is with food and fun and easy crafts to keep us busy while we wait for it to warm up outside. So let's start with some fun crafts we can do... A Magical … [Read more...]