Thinking About Special Needs

Thinking About Special Needs -- how to support homeschool families with special needs.

  Growing up it was quite rare for me to come into contact with an individual that had special needs. As I've gotten older it has become much more prevalent. There are many who believe that children today are misdiagnosed with disorders such as ADHD/ADD, sensory … [Read more...]

Evaluating Learning Gaps

Evaluating Learning Gaps in your Homeschool.

  Homeschoolers can become confused and frustrated by the unevenness of learning, and seemingly gaping holes in their child's understanding. When you wonder if you've finally met your match because your kid is just not getting it. Or you're subjecting yourself to all … [Read more...]

11 Brain Breaks For Your Homeschool

11 easy ways to work brain breaks into your homeschool day.

  In the course of a school day you may need one, two, or more brain breaks to give the brain rest and keep happy attitudes flowing. Here are 11 ideas for brain breaks for the kids as well as you! 11 Brain Breaks For Your Homeschool Dancing- A great way to … [Read more...]