How to Simplify Your Homeschooling Space

5 Steps to Simplifying Your Homeschool Space. Organize, declutter, and clean up your homeschooling space.

  Are you tired of the disorganized mess you call a homeschooling space? Perhaps there are papers strewn across the room and just pure chaos everywhere. You can say goodbye to the homeschool space clutter and hello to the simple homeschooling space. Believe me, I have … [Read more...]

Snowman Treats to Try

Fun & creative yummy Snowman Treats to try making with the kids this winter!

  Do you wanna build a snowman? Having a snow day in your homeschool -- or just wish you were? You can add some snowy fun to your day with these yummy Snowman Treats to Try. They would be perfect for winter birthday parties or as a "just for fun" winter snack. You can … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Include Children in Household Chores

7 ways to include children in household chores ~

  Keeping the house clean and organized is a never-ending battle, at least at our house. When you homeschool and work-at-home, home becomes classroom, office, art studio, library, and science lab. We always seem to be in the middle of several projects at once. That's why … [Read more...]