10 Autism Stereotypes Busted

10 Autism Stereotypes Busted at hsbapost.com

April is Autism Awareness Month. This is the month that parents and professionals (though, my personal opinion is that the parents are the professionals) work to share more knowledge with the world about autism. Beliefs about autism are often based on movies such as Rain Man and … [Read more...]

First Dental Appointment


The Doodle had her first dental appointment the other day. She turns three in a month, and so it was about time. It never occurred to me what happened at a first dental appointment. It was less about teeth cleaning and more about learning, appreciation, and getting … [Read more...]

Not Your Grandmother’s Homemade Waffles

Pure and simple, homemade waffles ready to be topped with yumminess!

Several years ago, I had a hunch my youngest was allergic to cow's milk. My mother's intuition suspected this around the time Evan was 16 months old. He didn't want to wean from me, wouldn't drink milk, etc. Then when I finally forced milk on the poor babe, he became more hyper. … [Read more...]