10 Things to NOT Ask the Homeschool Mom


Some lighthearted humor to start the day. 1. What happened to the house today? Even if there are scraps of craft paper on the floor and stuck to the table and there's toast from breakfast still sitting in the toaster and a huge pile of legos sitting there right in the middle … [Read more...]

Time Traveling Prayers


On Saturday, I got a Facebook email from a homeschool mom acquaintance of mine. But it was from Tuesday - four days earlier. One sentence of it was: My nephew's wife is in labor as I write this and my sister has bypass surgery on Thursday. My first thought was, "Oh, I'll … [Read more...]

You live where??

geography in homeschooling

Most children learn that Washington, D.C., was named for George Washington, but what about other stops on the map? Do you know how other cities or towns obtained their names?? • Denver, Colorado was named after a 19th century Renaissance man who not only fought in the US … [Read more...]

Funny Friday: Why Homeschool

Hello everybody! I hope you've enjoyed your week. Ours has been much more productive than I initially thought, and I am slowly weaning myself off of the internet during school hours, so I am so proud of myself. Now I just have to kick the Diet Pepsi habit! Anyway, to introduce … [Read more...]