Christian Audiobooks for the Whole Family

Adventures in Odyssey: Christian audiobooks for the whole family

  In the days before I was a mom, I remember hearing Adventures in Odyssey on the radio. I have to admit that I wasn't really paying attention at the time because I thought it was just a "kid's show" from Focus on the Family. I was wrong. Adventures in Odyssey is most … [Read more...]

The Homeless Homeschool


I always tell people that homeschooling is a complete misnomer... Because we are never "home" and because we don't do anything resembling "school". Right now, my family is attempting to stretch that definition even further. You see we just sold our Long Island, New York … [Read more...]

Don’t Stop Reading Aloud to Your Older Kids

Reading aloud to older kids

  It's a pretty accepted fact that it's a good thing to read aloud to your little ones. Beginning at birth- or sometimes before- parents read to little ones, talking to Mommy's tummy, gathering babies and then squirmy toddlers in their arms to look at books that they've … [Read more...]