How to Simplify Your Homeschooling Space

5 Steps to Simplifying Your Homeschool Space. Organize, declutter, and clean up your homeschooling space.

  Are you tired of the disorganized mess you call a homeschooling space? Perhaps there are papers strewn across the room and just pure chaos everywhere. You can say goodbye to the homeschool space clutter and hello to the simple homeschooling space. Believe me, I have … [Read more...]

Putting Together a Homeschool Portfolio

What is a homeschool portfolio? What should be included? Read this to take the stress out of making a homeschool portfolio!

  Putting together a homeschool portfolio is a necessary part of homeschooling in many states. Unfortunately it can be stressful for homeschool parents as they worry and wonder if they've gathered enough information, saved enough worksheets, crossed every t and dotted … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Simplify Your Homeschooling

10 Ways to Simplify Your Homeschooling so you can enjoy it more and worry less!

  Homeschooling is a wonderful opportunity to teach your children what they really need to learn, and in a way that is custom-tailored to their personalities and learning styles. However, it's very easy to become overwhelmed and to try to take on too much at once, which … [Read more...]

How to Be an Organized Homeschooling Parent

7 simple ways you can be a more organize homeschooling parent starting today!

  Sometimes in our homeschooling I've felt like a disorganized mess, especially when I had babies/toddlers. However, I've learned through trial and error some systems that work for us. There are ways to be a very organized homeschooling parent, it’s just a matter of being … [Read more...]