Thinking About Special Needs

Thinking About Special Needs -- how to support homeschool families with special needs.

  Growing up it was quite rare for me to come into contact with an individual that had special needs. As I've gotten older it has become much more prevalent. There are many who believe that children today are misdiagnosed with disorders such as ADHD/ADD, sensory … [Read more...]

Your Child Has Special Needs, Too

Don't all kids have "special needs" in regards to their education? That's why homeschooling works! Read the reasoning at

"My kids don't go to school?" [silence, mild contemplation] "Do you homeschool them or something?" "Well, we don't use that term....but yeah." "Why?" "My kids have special needs." "Oh." [apologetically] [end of conversation] Now, in general I don't … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Homeschooling Through Chaos

homeschooling through chaos

Job loss. Moving. New babies. High risk pregnancy. Hospitalization. Injury. Chronic pain disability. These are a few of the things that we, at the Non Stepford house, have dealt with during our almost (gasp!) eight years of homeschooling. That's one of the many things nobody … [Read more...]