Christian Audiobooks for the Whole Family

Adventures in Odyssey: Christian audiobooks for the whole family

  In the days before I was a mom, I remember hearing Adventures in Odyssey on the radio. I have to admit that I wasn't really paying attention at the time because I thought it was just a "kid's show" from Focus on the Family. I was wrong. Adventures in Odyssey is most … [Read more...]

Make a Video Presentation with mysimpleshow

mysimpleshow video explainer | make a video presentation in your homeschool

Keeping up with technology as we teach our children is important, especially if our children plan to have careers in the technology field. Almost any career requires some familiarity with basic tech tools and online navigation. Since our kids are digital natives, this might be … [Read more...]

Flexible Planning for Homeschool Families

Get the details on Flexible School Schedule, a new planning app for homeschool families

Before my kids were born I was tied to my daily planner. I wrote everything in it. Bills that needed to be paid, appointments, writing deadlines, birthdays, you name it. It all went into my pen and paper planner. I carried that thing everywhere. I kept up with that kind of … [Read more...]