Early, Organic, SAT Prep for Homeschoolers

EarlyOrganic SAT Prep

My 11 year old son just took the SAT in June. He managed to score 1270 (560 verbal, 710 math) I want to tell you how my wife and I “prepared” him for that but first I want to reveal to you some important secrets about SAT preparation that you won’t hear very often, if at … [Read more...]

June Means Homeschool Graduation

Operation Graduation: Planning a Homeschool Graduation

Year-round homeschoolers, that's us. We take two full months off during the year officially: June and December. There are plenty of times throughout the year that we also take off of school- the week before Thanksgiving, all birthdays, days or weeks when we are taking road trips … [Read more...]

Homeschooling With the End in Sight


My oldest child is in the 7th grade this year. It's now April, and we are wrapping up this school year and thinking about 8th grade. Which makes my mama's heart pitter-patter with anxiety over what's just around the corner: HIGH SCHOOL. I just can't believe my little six-pound … [Read more...]

Motivating the College Bound Teenager

Since we made the full jump into Unschooling, one of my biggest fears has been - how do I motivate them to success? As I considered this question, I realized that they are very motivated to do those things which interest them - it is just my goals for them that they are not … [Read more...]