Relaxed Summer Learning

Relaxed summer homeschooling plans | summer learning | how to learn year-round at a slower pace

In our homeschool, even though we loosely follow the traditional school calendar, we do not take the full summer off. This fall I will start my twentieth year of homeschooling and somehow I still haven't got the knack of planning and following through so that we are completely … [Read more...]

Looking to the Skies for Nature Study

Homeschool Nature Study | weather | meteorology | astronomy

Usually when we think of nature study, we think of observing and learning about plants and animals. Sunshine, dewdrops, thunderstorms, and rainbows are part of nature study too! My kids and I have never been very successful at keeping a nature journal or any of that sort of … [Read more...]

Science: How We See the World

Tips for teaching science in your homeschool. How can we do a good job teaching our kids a subject that we don't understand?

When asked which subjects they are worried about teaching, homeschool parents will often list science as one that intimidates them, especially in the higher grades. I used to be one of those parents, and I realized that it was largely because my own school experience with the … [Read more...]

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