Needing Ideas from you…

What have my two preschoolers been up to lately? LOTS of sorting!!! I am a part time Pharmacist and a full time Mom. These are the tops to vials that had injectable medicines in them.  The technicians have been saving them for me.  I just knew that there would be something … [Read more...]

Nut & Shell Journaling


How to Grow Journaling Seeds into Something Bigger Our Perino Family Stories has a great example of a typical children’s post about a family-attended racing event. Her son’s entry is priceless. The mother in me loved it. Even the writing teacher in me valued the entry. But, … [Read more...]

Accountability in Homeschooling


Some of us homeschool like lone rangers. We have few support networks and don’t have many chances to “talk shop” with other homeschoolers. Others may answer to a local school board or an umbrella school. Whatever your particular situation, you may desire more personal or ongoing … [Read more...]

Seeing the Bigger Picture

He sees the bigger picture . . . Do You? During our recent visit to the Natural Science and History museum we paused in a room dedicated to engineering. Needless to say this is the Scout's favorite subject . . . give him legos or building blocks and leave him alone for thirty … [Read more...]

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