Time and Doubt

Recently I was meeting my sister for coffee and I arrived before she did. I noticed that with the passing of time, doubt began to knock at the door of my thoughts. “Are you sure this is the right time?” “Is this the location you agreed upon, or is she going to a different store?” … [Read more...]

It’s The Little Things

Often I find there are things I just sort of ignore or blow off because they are, after all, "little things." However, God is showing me how it's really in the "little things" that the substance of my life comes to be. So what exactly are the "little things in your life?" Here … [Read more...]

Smooth or Rough?

At lunchtime recently, I fixed myself a bowl of soup, sat down with a magazine, and proceeded to enjoy my meal. My boys weren’t yet hungry, deciding to eat later. As I finished my soup, my oldest son came in to prepare some scrambled eggs for himself. I was in the kitchen, so I … [Read more...]

Life After Death; Wisdom after Struggle

"The soul’s pathway is always through death to life. The caterpillar cannot in the nature of things become the butterfly in any other way than by dying to the one life in order to live in the other. And neither can we." ~ Hannah Whithall Smith, The Christian’s Secret of a Happy … [Read more...]

Being True to Your Word

Have you ever broken a promise to your homeschooled kids? Maybe you, like me, have seen the wind let out of your children's sails as your "Treat" for the day was rescheduled (again). Maybe you, like me, have made a list of things to get accomplished that was too difficult - and … [Read more...]

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