About Lana….

Hi! My name is Lana (like banana).

I am married to a super guy going on 14 years and have 5 awesome children (who I do NOT deserve).

A little bit of our love story:

He is from the North. I am from the South.

He is from an older generation. I am a Spring Chicken. (Only 5 years apart. But, he will ALWAYS be older.)

His style is laid back. I’m a bit more adventurous.

He is a Dave Ramsey Nerd. I am a Free Spirit (within the budget) Shopper.

He likes DIY. I like football.

He reads a book once a year. I read 2 a week.

He loves to teach others about the Word of God. I love the Word of God and seeing parables in the making.

He can listen to a song once and know the words, I never sing the words right in any song.

We are perfect for each other.

We didnt datewe courted.

We didn’t kiss each other until our wedding day.

Six months later, we found out we were expecting…thus the beginning of a CRAZY LIFE!

A little bit about our precious gifts from the Lord….(and the start of our homeschooling journey)

My first pregnancy was tough. I have almost no amniotic fluid.

I had never been around young kids.

To be honest, I really didn’t even like them. And, I’m sure they didn’t like me.

Then – this adorable, crying, beautiful child entered my life.

I learned I was the most selfish person on earth.

He was my everything. No, I was more like his everything.

He never let me sleep. He cried day and night. And was having a growing spurt every minute.

I wanted to be the perfect Mom and didn’t even let him have chocolate or sugar until he was a year old.

I lived in guilt most of the time – just by wanting a shower.

I was going crazy. I went from a quiet peaceful house to diapers and dirty clothes everywhere.

Then, I found out I was expecting again.

How? When did this happen? I have NO clue.

This pregnancy was worse than before. Still not much amniotic fluid. Plus, those words you never hope to hear “Your baby is NOT going to make it! He has a heart defect.

God truly gave us a miraculous story of our blond hair and blue eyed boy’s birth. (It is too long and too detailed to put on here. Take a kleenex!)

I was learning how to be a Mom. I was learning to accept Grace and be merciful. (I still am.)

A few months after his birth, I was expecting again, our first Princess. What a delight to this Mom’s heart after two rambunctious boys, who liked bugs. (I desired dresses and someone to watch chick-flicks with me.)

Except, I had to go on major bed rest – because again, no amniotic fluid.

After the birth of a beautiful Princess (who hardly ever cried) – we moved away from All family and All of our friends to lead mission groups in a foreign country.

It was adventurous, crazy, and the best time in our life – with three little children in tow.

Thankfully, we found MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and a loving church family!


Then we started homeschooling. My first born loves to learn. It was super easy (and still is) to teach him. He made homeschooling fun and exciting.

Then…number 4 was on the way.

Another beautiful Princess. This time it was hard AFTER deliveryshe was a preemie.

Actually, worse than anything I had ever experienced – she made me trust in the Lord like never before!

Then I started homeschooling three children.

My first Princess hated school. She cried everyday – she made up for when she was a baby. I cried with her. I know we should press on…then I find out I’m…expecting again.

This time, bed rest doesn’t do the trick – my friend and sweet OB puts me in the hospital for 6 weeks. My hubs goes in super-Dad mode. I can’t tell you how we survived during that time – except for God’s Grace! Thankfully, our sweet little guy was born healthy and full of energy! (He starts Kinder this year! Sniff Sniff!)

Would I do it again knowing the hardships in pregnancy? You betcha! I can’t imagine how selfish my life would have been – had I not had these precious times of struggle in my life!

God constantly knows the whole picture – I put my trust in Him and Him alone.

I now adore ALL children and I think they kind of like me.

God is still molding me and I just enjoy being the King’s daughter – His mercy is overwhelming.

We still have crying days at school but thankfully more laughter.

Since I don’t scrapbook, I wanted my kids to know why we decided to take certain roads in life and it gave birth to the blog, iLoveMy5Kids.com.

Since we don’t ever want our life to be boring – we are now remodeling our entire house (without hired help – in other words – we are crazy!) Plus, we now have backyard chickens, a crazy dog, crazy fish, and tons of laughter every day. We also love to travel and visit the World’s Largest Everything!

Blessings to you! You are loved!

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