About Kristal

You know, I dislike writing intro posts.  I’m pretty boring, so what can I say about myself.   How about  facts about me and my life…

  • I’m a Christ follower – accepted Him as my Lord and Savior at a high school retreat
  • I met my husband on a 400 mile bike tour… I picked him up – so out of character for me and so another blog post…
  • I lead my husband to Christ before we married.
  • We’ve been married for 15 years… time sure flies.  Every anniversary I ask my husband to describe my dress and the day.  He remembers it all
  • I have an almost 22 year old step son that lives too far away, and my husband and I have 4 children – two boys {13 & 11} and two girls {8 & 5} and I’ve homeschooled them from the beginning

  • I started blogging about two years ago and since at that time the main things in my life were knitting and my children, I named it Knit1Kids4 – catchy, yes??  But now I mainly talk about my children and photography… I should rename it Click1Kids4 {ha!}
  • Speaking of photography, I LOVE to take pictures.  So much so that I have slowly launched my own business {kd photography}, it’s a work in progress, but I’m taking God’s lead in the steps I take
  • I do still knit and sometimes people hire me to knit, but my favorite thing I ever knitted was the Ella Coat.  I loved it so much I tortured my brain and knit ANOTHER one.  Crazy non-knitting strangers that see my daughters in their coats ask me to make one for them… I can only laugh as they could NEVER afford my time!!!
  • I once biked a hill that took over five minutes to climb.  I don’t bike much anymore… 4 children, remember?
  • I am a lifetime Weight Watcher, but feel off the wagon about a year ago… it’s  journey that keeps on going though… so I keep trudging along
  • I LOVE chocolate and truly believe it’s a food group… hmmm maybe that’s why I feel off the wagon… anyways I blog about chocolate every Friday

  • My husband and I are Children’s Ministry Leaders and the Awana Commanders for our church – we have a passion for bringing children to Christ – but also for making it REAL and true… not just bible STORIES, but teaching them bible TRUTHS that they can hold on to as they grow
  • And when I dreamed of becoming a Mom I really had no idea how much work it took and that I would have more than children in my house… currently our animal zoo is low, but as of today we have a dog {who is a toddler and drives me batty}, two cats {who hate said dog}, a Fire Belly Toad {or is it frog, I can never remember}, two turtles, and a Betta Fish.

In a nutshell I’m a broken vessel that God is using, remolding, and refining daily.  It doesn’t always feel good, but I love seeing His glory shine through and the wonderful ways He provides for us.