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Hi, I’m Beth! Welcome and thank you so much for visiting my page! I do hope that you find inspiration, truth and encouragement in what I write! How thrilled I am to be a part of this amazing community of homeschool bloggers, and absolutely honored to have been invited to join this talented group of writers here as an author for The HSBA Post.  I have been so blessed by the network of friends, support and inspiration I have found among my fellow bloggers on the web, especially among those within the homeschooling community.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

~ Ecclesiastes 3.11

Over the years, this has become a favorite Scripture of mine, the truth of which has brought me much peace. I’ve learned that truly, no matter how much we plan, or anticipate, we never do know what each day holds, nor can we ever comprehend the Mind of God, yet I do know that no matter what, good times and bad, we are blessed and touched by the Hand of a Loving Creator who gives beauty for asheseven especially when the adventure is hard. I love that verse because it speaks so deeply to me of TRUST. In the face of uncertainty and questioning doubt… I am learning to trust Him more, even as I’m learning to pray more.

First and foremost, I am a redeemed sinner, and I love my Messiah and King passionately. I have been married for 15 years now to my soulmate and best friend, my beloved- Christopher. The first five years of our marriage were the hardest… on so many levels. However, once we made it through that rocky start, it’s just gotten better every year. Though our life circumstances sure haven’t gotten any easier, we’re becoming closer as we both grow in the Lord and our history together unfolds. We are deeply in love, something we’ve learned at times is a choice, rather than a mere feeling~ true, undying commitment~ the feelings follow the choices, and they will come and go.

As a little girl I dreamed of getting married and being a Mommy… and that hope that slowly faded for a period of many dark, seemingly lost years in the life a broken-hearted, very confused and searching girl turned rebellious, angry teenager has now come true and is a far greater, more fulfilling blessing than I ever could have imagined. Through the years, my Lord has brought healing to this soul and restored depths that I never even knew I’d lost.

Why do we homeschool our crew?

I am also blessed to be “Mama” to our beautiful children. Our eldest, Nathanael, just turned 14 years old this year and I am scratching my head, wondering where the time’s gone to?! Our middle child is our 11 year old daughter, Tabitha, followed by our baby Judah, who is in heaven already, and most recently we have been blessed with our precious baby girl, Savannah Abigail, who arrived in August of 2007, right on her due date. Babies Judah and Savannah are both our vasectomy reversal miracle babies. I am more in awe of how blessed I have been to have these precious children in my life every. single. day.

Chris and I have both been impressed with a strong conviction that the spiritual and academic upbringing of our children (not the State’s!) is our greatest responsibility unto the Lord, right after that of our own devotion to each other, and to Yah Himself. The reality is that we are simply discipling them daily, and the weighty responsibility of this fact, that one day we will give an answer for how we’ve led these individual souls, entrusted to us for but a short time, brings me to my knees in prayer, and the Word of my Elohim (the #1 LOVE of my life!) more and more often as the years go by and our understanding increases.

I am loving learning with our kids as we spend time just being together. There’s absolutely nothing I’d rather be doing each day than homeschooling with my kiddos. I really do think that I get as much out of it as they do, if not more! I’m learning way more than I ever did in my own formal education, even in college, though probably mostly because I’m actually interested now, and have the wonderful luxury of time.

Our main goal in educating our kids would probably be to nurture their their hearts towards our Creator, even as we instill in them a love for learning, and to share a full life with them, made of rich memories built on a solid foundation from which they may one day fulfill their own destinies, life goals, missions and purpose.

Homeschooling has just seemed to Chris and I like the most natural progression in the world for our family, as a lifestyle of learning~ together. As our children have grown, so too have our educational endeavors! I remember when N was a baby, our meeting a family in our church who home schooled, and knowing immediately that that’s what we wanted for our family. I first started researching and getting excited about it when he was about 3 years old, upon the purchase of our first computer, and discovering the world-wide-web first hand- over 10 years ago now! We’re now in our tenth year officially homeschooling, and I do believe that I’m finally starting to get the hang of it (maybe?…a little bit?)! Hah. Chris and I like to joke that even once our kids graduate and leave the nest, we’ll continue homeschooling ourselves, since after all, life is learning…

Over the years, as we’ve had a few interstate moves and lots of other adventures- like babysitting more kids, our homeschool has seen many seasons of unschooling, but mostly “relaxed eclectic” would probably best describe our approach thusfar (or would it better be described as “structured unschooling”? hmmm, a conundrum), with Charlotte Mason aspirations. These last couple of years we’ve added a lot more structure as we’re taking on more of a Classical-Charlotte approach, as Nathan and Tabitha are getting older and I’m learning how to best implement CM’s methods in a meaningful way for us. Adjusting to life with a very busy, curious “pre-schooler” has been our latest challenge!

Along with reading, writing and homeschooling, I love art, especially the more immediate creativity of taking pictures, and I am currently very excited about the prospect of doing more with photography, as I have recently been graced with a beautiful new (to me) Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT and a couple of lenses. Now that this long-held dream of mine just to own a digital SLR has come true, I need to figure out how to use it (and dream of acquiring PhotoShop)! There’s just something magical about capturing moments in time, memories in images. I’d still like to get back into drawing and painting too, with my kiddos.

Join me over at the brew*crew adventure where I share photos, journals of our days, my musings, hopes, fears, faith and falterings as we journey through this amazing gift of life we’ve been given. You’ll also find me contributing reviews over at The Curriculum Choice!

Embracing the adventure,

the brew*crew adventure