Signs You Have Too Much Homeschool Curriculum


Hi, my name is Sara and I’m a curriculum junkie.

I confess I love books. I also confess that I’ve made some choices that just didn’t end up working for us when it comes to homeschool curriculum. In addition to drooling over curriculum catalogs, I spent 6 years reviewing homeschool curriculum on my blog at Embracing Destiny. That added up to over 200 reviews of homeschool curriculum and related products!

Do you look at your shelves and think, “Why do I have so much homeschool curriculum?” There are recognizable signs of homeschool curriculum-itis and I’ve learned to spot them. I hope my own struggle with this addiction can help you recognize the signs, too. It might just save your sanity (and help you with spring cleaning.)

Do you have too much homeschool curriculum? A humorous look at the signs of too much homeschool curriculum. Homeschool overwhelm.

Signs You Have Too Much Homeschooling Curriculum


Your friends borrow your curriculum.

One sign you have too much curriculum is that your friends come over to borrow your curriculum. The sad part is that you probably won’t even miss it. When friends borrow curriculum, it probably just means you have been homeschooling a while and your supply has built up quite nicely.

You sell your curriculum and still have a whole shelf full.

Selling your curriculum is a good sign. However, you might have too much curriculum if it looks like you haven’t sold anything. Try to cut your curriculum stash in half and perhaps it will look like you have made a dent in getting rid of some items.

You can jump from curriculum to curriculum.

Some homeschooling families don’t stick to one certain curriculum every day, they like to change it up. You may have too much curriculum if you have gone two weeks without using the same curriculum. In fact, your kids might think you’re starting them on a new one each day.

You keep buying because you don’t realize what you have.

A major sign you have too much curriculum is that you keep buying when you already have it. I bet you might go through your curriculum right now and find double. A little embarrassing, but hey, stuff happens. I have done this a time or two in my homeschooling career. Of course, there’s also digital curriculum stored on your computer or in Dropbox that you forgot you had.

You are known as the homeschooling curriculum expert.

A sign that you have too much curriculum is when you’re known as the homeschooling curriculum expert. People call you up and ask you about your opinion on the matter. There is no shame in knowing a lot, but it sure is a sign that you have too much homeschooling curriculum.

Having too much homeschooling curriculum doesn’t make you a bad person! I think it’s awesome. You love what you do and you’re not afraid to invest in it. I just knew some of you could relate to these tongue-in-cheek signs of having too much homeschool curriculum.

What is a sign that you have too much homeschooling curriculum?



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