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It’s that time of year again. Time for a mid-year review of your homeschool. You can do this! Whether you homeschool year-round or follow a traditional schedule, it’s always good to take time to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. Plan on taking a day or two off of regular school to complete this process. For the length of time you need, assign your children independent projects, documentaries to watch, fun reading, math review, or just allow them a few days off as well. It’s all good!

The purpose of a mid-year review is to assess how your children are responding to the current curriculum, schedule, and amount of activity you have been doing the first half of the year. This assessment will help you determine any changes you need to make.

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Time for a Mid-Year Review

Keep in mind, this is not a time to assess how much your children have done but how much they have learned and gained from these past few months or so. If you planned to be on lesson 24 but you are currently on lesson 12, this is not the time to scold yourself. This is the time to determine if your child needed to go at a slower pace, if the curriculum is simply not working for your family, or if you misjudged how much time the curriculum would take. Always remember that a successful student is one who is progressing and learning, not rushing through to match up with a schedule.

You will want to go over your schedule and how you assigned the current curriculum. Determine if the pace is on track or if it needs to be adjusted. You have not hit the point of no return if you decide the curriculum is not working out. Ask yourself if the curriculum is in line with your child’s learning style, is it helping your child reach his goals, is your child enjoying it, and assess the prep time. This is the time to make changes, even big changes. Before you kick a curriculum to the curb, determine why it is not working and if you can adjust it or supplement it. You may be able to salvage it without sacrificing education, which would be easier on the budget.


Mid-Year Review Printables for The Homeschool Post Readers

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free printable homeschool review pages | planning pages | track homeschool progress

These pages will help you get organized and write it all down. I don’t know about you, but writing things down helps me to process and remember. Call it your homeschool brain dump. These pages have questions for you to answer like:

What field trips do we want to plan?

What do we want to accomplish in the second half of this school term?

What current projects do we need to finish?

What do we need to review?

There’s also a sheet to record what books/curriculum you’re using for each child and a place to make notes on progress and whether it’s working well or not. You can print as many as you like and three-hole punch them for your records.

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free printables | homeschool progress and plans

In your planner or notebook, also take notes on your child’s progress, attitude, struggles, and victories. If your first half isn’t going so great this is the time to see what can be changed or adjusted. If things are going smoothly, then it is time to see how you can keep going in this direction. Often times we get so caught up in the day to day that we don’t fully see how much our children have learned or progressed. If a child is having a hard time, that can be all-consuming so it can be difficult to see the forest through the trees. A mid-year review will help you see those trees with fresh eyes so you can create a plan.

Think of a mid-year review like spring cleaning. Clean up the school area, plan out the rest of the year, keep what works, get rid of what doesn’t, and readjust where needed. Don’t worry about what wasn’t accomplished, focus on what was and plan out the rest of the year. Taking the time to do a mid-year review will keep you on top of how your children are progressing, where you are succeeding, and where you are in need of a reset button.


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