How to Simplify Your Homeschooling Space


Are you tired of the disorganized mess you call a homeschooling space? Perhaps there are papers strewn across the room and just pure chaos everywhere. You can say goodbye to the homeschool space clutter and hello to the simple homeschooling space. Believe me, I have firsthand experience with that feeling. I can walk you through the process that I’ve used and you can take these steps to simplify your homeschooling space, too.

5 Steps to Simplifying Your Homeschool Space. Organize, declutter, and clean up your homeschooling space.

How to Simplify Your Homeschooling Space

Define simple in your own terms.
Everyone has a different idea of what simple looks like. Before you can begin transforming your homeschool space, you need to know what simple means to you. You could spend some time on Pinterest looking for inspiration or read books on the topic. What comes to mind when you think of simple yet functional in your homeschool?

Get rid of the clutter.
You already knew I was going to say “get rid of the clutter.” It is the only way to simplify any space. Also, when I say get rid of clutter, don’t just clear the surface. Dig in those drawers and cabinets and get rid of everything you’re not using or at least don’t plan on using.

Only have out what you will use.
When a homeschooling space is cluttered, it can be hard to focus. To make a homeschooling space simple, you can only have out what you are using. This can be hard, but it will make your space that much more serene.

Keep things out of the way.
Want to keep your homeschooling space simple? Keep things out of the way! Don’t have a bunch of junk in the middle of the floor. Make sure the furniture flows well and that the room has a nice path. Cluttering everything up does not make anything simple, it is frustrating. Try to keep the room balanced. For example, you don’t want “one thing” to catch all the attention in the room. Spread out big pieces of furniture to make the room more inviting.

Rethink the lighting in your homeschooling space.
Lighting is everything when it comes to simplifying. The right lighting can make or break your room. There are light bulbs and devices you can buy to help make the light brighter or not-so-bright. There are certain times of the day, when you need the lighting to be just right. Also, try to get rid of bulky lamps, they take up space and surely don’t contribute to a simpler space.

Keep in mind that a homeschooling space should reflect your family’s style. What simple means to you may mean something different to another family. As with everything in homeschooling, do what works best for you!

How do you make your homeschooling space simple? I’d love to hear your ideas!





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    Thank you for sharing your tips! I always feel like the homeschool day flows so well when I am organized. Declutter is the best tip. Clutter stresses me out! I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I am going through chemo treatments. I am currently learning to teach from a state of rest. One thing I am working on is an accountability journal for each kid. Also, I keep a big calendar on my fridge to remind the kids what is expected if mom is having a bad chemo day. It also includes chores for the day. Thank you again for sharing! I enjoyed reading your blog.

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