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Last year on my blog there was a series of posts called “Reading List on the Net.” It was essentially a “What I’ve Been Reading Lately” compilation. I read a lot of things which admittedly are mostly on the internet. These were blog posts, articles in online newspapers and journals, news stories, and other bits that I collected into a post to share with my readers. The subjects were broad, but I do have a focus on education {both homeschool and in the public sphere}.

I would like to attempt to do this with some of my postings on The Homeschool Post. It is amazing how much is going on in our world. Sometimes- okay a lot of the time- I want to hide from the world {literally and figuratively}. But we are in this world and it cannot be ignored.

Not all of the postings will be current events. Many will be inspirational or thought-provoking on how we live our lives in general. They won’t be exclusively on teaching/learning styles/methods in the homeschool, but will include some current information floating in the public education realm {that affects homeschoolers more than some understand}.

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By the time you get to read this, the topics may not be ‘hot’ anymore {if they are to start with}. My hope, however, is that there is something worth your time to read and then comment on. I will include the title of the linked post/article/bit to read, along with my own little commentary. I used to include links to things I wanted to read in my other postings but I am not going to do that now. Please feel free to share ones that you’ve read {recently or a long time ago!}.

Let’s get started!

AO 2016 Conference: Atmosphere, Discipline and a Life – Katie took notes at the Charlotte Mason Institute’s 2016 Education Conference {which I unfortunately had to miss}. This particular post is in regards a talk by Brandy Vencel. I don’t want to ‘spoil’ the post because I want you to go read it. I will say that ‘Wow- this hit me head on.’

Brandy’s talk was not about how to have a better atmosphere or be more disciplined, or even about the abundance of living ideas in store for an AO educated child. Instead she shared about a deeply personal time in her life when her family went through anguish, heartache, fear and turmoil.

She asked a simple question. What if we looked at the state of our home and applied this principle to DIAGNOSE and TREAT our trouble spots? What if we asked ourselves…

Which of these things (atmosphere, discipline, ideas) needs to be addressed in order to change my life and the life of my children for the better?

3 Words to Stop the Comparison Thief that Keeps Robbing All Joy – A Holy Experience has always been a wonderful place for me to go when I am feeling ‘out of sorts’. This post is one of those times. Ann, I believe, speaks words that God would have us hear. This is really excellent reading. Take this to heart.

A woman can forget that her life is enough. That her road is enough. That her calling, her story, her singleness, her chastity, her marriage, her husband, her vocation, her apartment, her house, her childlessness, her kids, her body, her health, her work is enough.

Amazon Launches Online Education Portal for Teachers – Here’s the ‘educational’ post for this time. Amazon is in the beginning stages of offering a free service called Amazon Inspire where teachers can find lesson plans and worksheets. Teachers will also be able to upload their own content and provide feedback how best to use the service. BusinessWire has more information than the original link. The last quote I give below is in regard to the difficulty teachers have in finding what they ‘need’ online. I think this has to do with the plethora of information and resources available on the internet. While I think this is an interesting venture, I’ll be watching it. You can see at the BW link who the contributors of this endeavor are and that will give more insight into what this may become.

Amazon Inspire is in the beta stage and is ready for teachers to use and provide feedback to help shape the future of K-12 education. {watch an intro to the service}

“We’re mentors, facilitators, coaches, listeners, and learners,” said Michael Buist, a teacher at Knox Gifted Academy in Chandler, Arizona. “We’re Sherpas. And if it’s our job to get our students to the top of the mountain, we also need help. We need inspiration and resources. Amazon Inspire is that place to not only share, but learn from each other and enhance our craft.”

“…teachers tell us that they spend upwards of 12 hours a week searching for and curating resources for classroom instruction, placing a high degree of trust in resources shared by their peers. With Amazon Inspire, we aim to quickly and easily put the best and most trusted digital resources at teachers’ fingertips, saving them valuable time that can be devoted to what they do best and enjoy most—teaching.” Rohit Agarwal, General Manager of Amazon K-12 Education

There aren’t many this time, but I do hope that some were of interest, or at least interesting {smile}.

What have you been reading online lately? Share with us!


~North Laurel


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