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Here is the final post in the Towards A Homeschooling Philosophy series. In this post, I hope to give some resources for those interested to help understand philosophies more and how they affect how we teach. It will not be exhaustive and it is bound to be lacking. Therefore, I graciously ask for our readers to comment with other recommended resources.

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References for understanding or choosing your own educational philosophy

Knowing that my own reading list is small as I have only been reading about this subject for a short time, I extended the question of what titles would they recommend for educational philosophy. Here are the titles that have been recommended. By putting these here, I am not personally endorsing them (unless I state otherwise). If you have any that you would recommend, we all would be grateful if you leave them in the comments.

Let me just quickly say that anything you read at Brandy Vencel’s blog, Afterthoughts, will help you understand educational philosophy much better. This one is excellent: Examining Underlying Assumptions

When possible, I have linked them to Open Library so you can easily find these. (Of course, Amazon has just about any book you can think of.) For other links, they go to the author’s website or Goodreads.

It should be noted that these titles do not all refer only to educational philosophy but all have an underlying philosophy regardless. Some are rather pointed in talking about philosophy, where you don’t have to search it out; others incorporate what they assume you understand already about the philosophy. Also, some are reluctant to put ‘philosophy’ down in print.

Titles submitted from a diverse group of homeschoolers:

Here are some that come from a group of specifically Charlotte Mason educators* (some titles are repeated from the list above):

*I specify the kind of educators so that you will know there may be a bent toward that philosophy. But as you can see, they are quite diverse.

It feels as if this is just left hanging but I do think that this has the potential to take many more posts and so I will stop at this. Please do leave comments.


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