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A new year is almost upon us. How was your 2014? Victorious? Struggle-Filled? A little of both, or more one than the other?

I admit, the last two haven’t been my best, and on many days I find myself searching for the silver lining. I rarely make New Year’s Resolutions. They always seem rather hollow to me. I mean, if you need to do something differently, why wait until one particular day of the year to decide to make a change? It always seems like the ultimate act of stalling.

I’m making an exception this year. Many of you may have seen the idea of a Gratitude Jar. If not, here is one example. If you Google “Gratitude Jar” you will find many ideas, in some cases free printables are included. The idea is simple. Write down on a slip of paper things that you are grateful for and place them in a special jar. When you get to the end of another year, pull out your “gratitude” and relive the high points. What a great reminder that even in the toughest times we are surrounded by good things, too!

I don’t think it’s necessary to write something each day. Let’s face it, some days we just don’t feel grateful, and there’s no use forcing the issue. But, how about every three days, or every week? Don’t let a week go by without counting at least one blessing.

The end of every year is also an excellent time to reflect on our homeschool journeys. I began mine a longish time ago. My oldest is 15 and has never been to school. His brother is nearly 12, and from the beginning, was difficult to “school.” Working with two completely different personalities and customizing a learning path for each has been exhilarating and exhausting…and the best years of my adult life thus far.

My oldest is almost entirely self-taught (which is different from self-directed in some respects). He still likes me to direct his learning–selecting books and curricula that I know fit his learning style, but otherwise he is in charge of mastering the material and completing his work in accordance with a pre-determined timeline.

The youngest resists schedules and timelines and curricula. He is creative, and visual, and a darn good writer for a 12-year  old. We re-evaluate each year what we want to work on and how we can approach it to make it relevant to his particular learning style.

My own personal evolution as a homeschool parent is on-going. I’m not sure I’ll ever really figure it out entirely. This got me to thinking about some of the articles I’ve written over the years for The Homeschool Post that reflect some of my better “Eureka” moments. I share them with you here:

Your Greatest Work

Lessons From the Library

Teach Me to Play

100 Hours

The Joy of Self-Directed Learning 

What will you reflect on this year? Did you have a “Eureka” moment?

Will you join me in filling a Gratitude Jar for 2015? Commit in the comment section! Let’s hold each other accountable. We’re in this homeschool journey together.


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    This is a good idea! I’m going to start a Gratitude Jar for 2015 with my daughters. Thanks for sharing.

    You’ve written a lot of great posts here. I enjoy your writing!

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