Homeschool Blog Awards: #HSBA2014 Voting is Open!

We are so excited to announce that the 2014 Homeschool Blog Awards are officially open for voting!


We deeply thank you for your gracious patience as we worked hard behind the scenes to get everything ready. And since we know this is a really busy time of year for many of us (but when isn’t busy for a homeschool mom?!), we’ve decided to help make things a little easier for you by keeping polls open for a solid three weeks this year!

This means voting will be open until Monday, December 29th, 2014 at 11:59PM EST. So, if you’re extra busy right now, don’t stress about trying to vote while you’re wrapping gifts and baking cookies – just come back after Christmas and relax while you take a look at some amazing blogs!

Without further ado – here are our 2014 Blog Awards Categories! Just click on each category name to be taken to that voting page:

1. Best Blog Design

2. Best Crafts, Plans & Projects Blog

3. Best Current Events, Opinion and/or Politics Blog

4. Best Dad Blog

5. Best Encourager Blog

6. Best Family or Group Blog

7. Best Homemaking and/or Recipes Blog

8. Best Homeschool Methods Blog

9. Best Homeschool Mom Blog

10. Best Homeschool Nature and Field Trip Blog

11. Best Homeschool Vlogger

12. Best NEW Homeschool Blog

13. Best Nitty Gritty Homeschooler

14. Best Photos Blog

15. Best Special Needs Blog

16. Best Super Homeschooler

17. Best Teen Homeschool Blog

18. Best Thrifty Homeschool Blog

19. Best Variety Blog

20. Funniest Homeschool Blog


If you’re a nominee, be sure to grab a button to display on your blog to spread the word!

You may vote once per day, per IP address.  Visit these pages for complete details: Awards Info and Legal.


If there are any questions or issues with voting, please contact us at thehomeschoolpost at gmail dot com.




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  1. says

    Thank you SO much for all the work you do!!
    I’m honored to be nom in 3 categories.and honored to have nominated several awesome blogs too.
    I have a ques. Unless I did something wrong, which IS likely, I nominated 2 blogs that I am not seeing here.
    Can someone pls email me when you get the chance ? One of the bloggers changed her url and blog name since the nominations; maybe that’s the problem. She has the same content and she moved everything over to her new url…..
    As for the other blogger, I’m not sure why it is not here…..As I said, I may have incorrectly submitted the form.
    I don’t see where to contact you directly so I thought I’d leave a com.


    ~Chris C

    • Davonne says

      Chris, I’m so sorry that happened! Yes, the one changing her name would be why we couldn’t find it when we were creating polls. I’m about to e-mail you directly to get information and I’ll add your nominees right away.

  2. says

    Shocked, surprised and thrilled for the Best Family/Group nomination! I flat could not believe it!!

    Can anyone direct me on how to get the button into my sidebar? I tried it with a text widget and it puts the link but not the photo. And I’m not quite sure how to do it in the image widget!

    Blessings, hugs and many thanks!

    • Davonne says

      Congratulations, Melanie! So excited for you!! I’m not sure about the buttons but I’ll see what I can find out and get back to you!

    • says

      Congratulations, Melanie!

      The codes weren’t working correctly earlier, but I fixed them now. Maybe that will help! :) Are you using Blogger or WordPress? If WP, then just copy the code into a text widget. It sounds like that’s what you did, but due to the code problem it didn’t work. Sorry about that!

  3. Mama Squirrel says

    Mama Squirrel here again: we are nominatec in the Methods caregory, but our Method is “unspecified.” Actually we follow CM methods. Is it possible to change that? :-)

  4. Samantha says

    Thanks for these! However a few tips to make this easier (on YOU guys!) You could have like a max of 5 per category, and, somewhat weed out the ones that don’t fit. I just came across one of the blogs on there that did not meet the subject it was Nominated for lol. And maybe, to even make the awards even more special and to save you guys time, cutting out like 5 of the awards that would fit just as well in another award category? Just some thoughts. :)

    • says

      Thanks for sharing these ideas. I thought about cutting down the categories as well, but in the end we went with tradition and kept them all since it is the 10th anniversary of the Awards. Things will be different next year, though! :)

      Could you send me an email and let me know which blog didn’t fit its category, please? thehomeschoolpost at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  5. says

    Thank you so much for hosting – I’m honored to be nominated. I voted for most categories but my questions is . . . are we supposed to vote for each category only 1x or come back & vote again daily. (I have come on at several different times to vote and didn’t write down who I have covered yet) TY!

    • says

      You may vote once daily (per IP address, which we track to be sure no one “stuffs the ballot boxes”) in every category throughout the entire voting period. Congrats on your nomination!

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