Carnival of Homeschooling: The History Edition


Carnival of #Homeschooling: History Edition @hsbapost

History is our theme at The Homeschool Post this month.  We’re sharing our ideas for bringing history to life for our kids through books, educational shows, field trips, time lines, and more.

Since it’s our turn again to host the Carnival of Homeschooling, I thought I would feature some history-related posts from our own writing team:

Dan from shares his educational experiences in London with his family as they visit historical locations in this post: A Boring Month in London.

Melissa at Not a Stepford Life shares her hands-on history lessons in this post Homeschooling Hazards.

Misty shares Three Ways to Bring History to Life for Your Kids on her blog, Joy in the Journey.

I’ve shared a few posts about our history studies on my blog Embracing Destiny: Bringing History to Life with Little House on the Prairie and The Prairie Primer, Surprised by History, and Living Books and History.

We received some great entries for the Carnival of Homeschooling this week, so grab your favorite cuppa and enjoy . . .

Are we spending enough time on mathNotes from a Homeschooled Mom wants to know how much time other homeschoolers spend on math.

Check out this tutorial on chalk pastel art in the style of Edgar Degas in this post from Learning Curve.

Homeschool High School History and Social Studies Credits from 7 Sisters Homeschool.

Explore the digestive system with Solagratiamom and gain a fun and messy hands-on understanding of how the digestive system works!

5 Senses Models and Activities from Solagratiamom explores the 5 senses through hands-on activities. Join her as she takes her class on an adventure of shaking, blindfolding, feeling, squishing, popping and foaming fun – including some great models!

If you are looking for a soft way to introduce English Grammar to your children that is engaging for them and makes English Grammar not so scary, then you will want to check out these recommendations from Solagratiamom in Fun Ways to Jump Start for Essentials of English Grammar.

Annie Kate from Tea Time with Annie Kate has found that older homeschooled students need attention too, and sometimes that attention involves tweaking homeschool plans and practices.

Henry, the Carnival of Homeschooling founder at Why Homeschool, shares a report from his daughter who recently attended a youth conference.

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Carnival of Homeschooling


Carnival of Homeschooling


Carnival of Homeschooling


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