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Hello! My name is Blossom {yes, really}, but most of the online world calls me NorthLaurel. Right now we live in Ohio; in one of the most populous cities of the state! I’m married to “The Warden” and we have two teenagers, Lee and Fox {not their real names}, that we homeschool using Ambleside Online.

Have you figured out if we are going to get along? I know that’s not much information up there. Being an introvert it takes a bit of time for me to open up and let people see “me”. Fortunately I have learned to get out more and to enjoy the world {and its people}, more now than in my younger years. Some things I like: yellow, the smell and look and feel of books, music, beauty, honesty, laughter, writing, dreaming and scheming, and learning. I love to learn. Ah, and I am a graduate student at Liberty University going for my Master’s in Education degree. When my kids are out on their own, I still want to teach.

Speaking of the smell of books…I write reviews for different genres of books at North Laurel Home & School, along with many “life in general” posts. I’ve been blogging since 2009. Recently I’ve been on a gluten free sharing spree, sharing my experiences with cooking gluten free. I do admit that I tend to go off on rabbit trails often. Oh, and did I mention that we move often for my husband’s job? Yes, that too.


Love of learning: I think that might be one reason that I homeschool. It isn’t the only reason. No, the other reasons are selfish. *wink* I like my kids. They bring me a lot of joy, laughter and comfort. Their personalities, while somewhat similar to mine at times, are definitely unique. Their company is almost always good. They challenge me to learn more, not just a book knowledge but a heart knowledge. I like that. And also, I want to have a good relationship with them now so that it will be good later on. We homeschooled late in the game; my daughter was going into 7th grade and my son into 5th grade. I would like to have done it from the start but there is a time and a place for everything. They are high schoolers now, and oh, the challenges keep coming!

I am a saved daughter of the King. I’d known Jesus all my life but didn’t think it necessary to accept His gift of salvation. In 2006, He spoke to me in a way that I’ll never forget, and I’ve been His ever since. The Bible is my guide; prayer is my lifeline to Christ. But I’m still fallen and I struggle all of the time. Sharing our faith is another reason we homeschool. It has only helped us grow in our relationship, individually and as a family, with God.

After all of that, you still might be unsure of how we’d get along, and that’s okay. Hopefully as time goes on there will be connections made. I believe that God puts people in others’ paths for a reason. And I’m a work in progress anyway, without a clear path I follow but for where God leads me. I do sincerely hope that posts put out by me will be encouraging, uplifting, inspiring, or at the very least enjoyable!


North Laurel (46 Posts)

Blossom- "North Laurel" to the online world- lives in Ohio with her husband and two teens. She holds a M. Ed. in Leadership and is the founder of the small Wildwood CM Community Co-op and is working to open Wildwood Community School. You can read her other thoughts at North Laurel's Musings.

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