Love Among Homeschool Clutter

Making Room for the King of Your Heart

Making room for love among homeschool clutter can be difficult.  Even the most diligent of homemakers finds that once they begin homeschooling the homeschool clutter tends to take over what would otherwise be a clean home. So how does that make room for love?

As wives we are to place our husbands as head of the home and king of our hearts. But when laundry piles up and the dining table is stacked with books and children’s arms and legs are sticking out of the covers in the master bedroom, love seems to vanish in the dirty dishwater.

Love Among the Homeschool Clutter

Prioritizing our marriages is as necessary for us in the raising of our children as it is in the relationship we have with our spouses. {tweet this}

Does that sound counter intuitive? It doesn’t have to. As parents, whether homeschooling or not, we want our children to grow up to be well rounded, safe, contributing members of society whose lives are filled with love and family. But how can they know what that looks like, if we fail to set the example for them.

How do you make room for love among the homeschool clutter? You have to purpose time. You have to set aside time and be intentional in your role as a wife. You also have to prioritize your relationship with your husband over that of your child. Yikes! Did I just say that?

Yes, ladies. Your relationship with your husband should have a higher priority over your relationship with your children. {tweet that} I’m not suggesting you neglect the needs of your children. I am suggesting that it is okay to send them to the play room, from time to time, with instructions to not come out unless there is blood. It is okay to set boundaries so you can have 1/2 an hour to sit on the couch, cuddle and talk with your husband.

Keep in mind that when your children have grown up and left home, your relationship with your husband remains. Without nurturing that relationship it will not be healthy when that time comes.

7 Ways to Make Room for Love

7 Ways to Make Room for Love

  1. Write Love Notes to your husband on a regular basis.
  2. Speak only honorable things about your spouse. If your friends don’t think highly of your husband it’s because you haven’t set the right example for them.
  3. Tell him that you think he looks good! (Use those words that makes him feel like a strong honorable man).
  4. Get a sitter! I know it’s not always easy, but you really should at least once a month get a sitter and have intentional time with your man.
  5. Play the switcharoo with your best homeschool girlfriend. Arrange to take her kids for a night so she can have a date, then send your kids to her for a night for the same reason.
  6. Order a late night pizza for after the kids are in bed. Then turn on some soft music, light some candles and enjoy a little secret date night on the living room floor with your man.
  7. Call him during the day and tell him you aren’t wearing any… (fill in the blank). Make sure you follow through on this tease. When he gets home, lock your bedroom door and tell the kids to stay in the playroom. (See above).

Remember that time when you first started to love your husband. Think about what it was that attracted you to him in the first place. While your love has grown, the attraction remains and when you choose to make room for him to be the king of your heart you will find joy and an abiding love.

Okay, it’s your turn! How do you make room for love among your homeschool clutter?


Renée (26 Posts)

Renée Brown is author at her personal blog, Great Peace Academy. She is a homeschooling mom to her one amazing son, Jonathan and has been the wife of her Beloved Michael for 21 years. On her blog you will find discussions about her work as a homeschooling mom, her family and her faith.

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    • Renée says

      Thanks Adelien. I’m just a woman who chooses to love my husband everday. I am better at it some days than others, but I still try.

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