Homeschooling Simplified

Homeschooling Simplified

A few months ago, I was feeling completely overwhelmed.  Sammy had just been in the hospital for 4 days, the house was exploding, and I felt like my homeschool schedule was running away from me!  I decided to cut out all of the extras from our homeschool schedule and just focus on the basics.  This was a tough decision because Sammy LOVES all of the extra fun.

However, I decided to do this and get through the holidays and use my “extra” time to focus on all of the other things I needed to finish!  We simplified to math, reading, science, spelling, and handwriting.  Sammy loved that he could be finished with his school day so early.

Sammy used our time to learn new skills like vacuuming, emptying the dishwasher, and entertaining himself.  All of which are great life skills that I suspect his wife will thank me for someday *winks*.


What I found was that Sammy was learning just as much, if not more, with the simplified schedule.  He was bringing me non-fiction books to read to him.  He was reading as much of a book as he was capable of, just for fun!  He was pulling out his snap circuits and building with those and listening intently to my husband’s instruction!  Sammy was embracing homeschooling and thriving even though I had “simplified” to only a few core subjects.

After making it through the holidays and getting school started back up for the year, I have added a few things back to our schedule.  But, I am embracing the homeschooling simplified schedule and allowing Sammy to show an interest in an area so we can dig a little deeper.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and needing a break?  I would encourage you to take a break and focus just on the core subjects and see where your child’s interests are!


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