Mid-year Slump? How Homeschool Moms Recharge

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With a new year, we often hope for a renewed energy and dedication to our homeschooling plans. You don’t have to look far to run into talk about all the new year resolutions, goals, and dreams. A new year means a clean slate, right?

Sometimes, though, we find it difficult to get over the mid-year slump. We might even feel burnt-out on all the responsibilities facing us as homeschool moms.

What if you’re struggling to get back into a routine after the holidays?
What if the curriculum you were so enthusiastic about in the fall isn’t working now?
What if the kids are full of pent-up energy from cabin fever due to the weather?

I went straight to the source to ask moms what they do to renew and refresh their homeschooling spirit when they hit a slump. Here is what they had to say —

“I pause and re-evaluate what we are doing. Usually burn out happens because I have shifted from child-directed/child-led learning to teacher-directed learning. I switch gears and add a new project or unit exploration to get my enthusiasm going again. I then go back to following my child’s lead and partner to explore where her knowledge leads us.” Jennifer at The Deliberate Mom

“Doing any kind of outing during what would be ‘regular’ school hours refreshes me. Hitting the park, a museum, a homeschool co-op or even just taking the kids for an ice cream or shopping for a couple of things to add to their craft supplies. I think it reminds me of one of my favorite homeschooling perks – the freedom!” Jen from Modern Homeschool

“I rarely get burned out on school. I usually burn out on the rest of life: the dishes, the laundry, the squabbles. I refresh by getting out of the house—by myself. It always feels like a luxury, but for me, at least, it is a necessity. When I put it off, I always end up with burn out.” Joy at Homeschool Connections

“I would recommend planning a few hands-on activities, such as science experiments, starting veggie plants indoors to plant outdoors later, a PE Class. Anything that gets you up and moving and laughing.” Emily

“When we have burnout, I take it as a sign that we need to take time off. We take a week to just relax, and I do try to sprinkle in some casual learning. Visiting museums, watching The Magic School Bus DVDs, or reading aloud as a family are great ways to keep their wheels turning in a slow-paced way.”  Jenn at Jenn’s RAQ

“We simply take a break. The joy of homeschooling is that you can take a day or week off whenever you want to! You can simply put away the books and have fun or take a vacation. It’s a great way for everyone to re-charge.” Kathy at Kathy’s Cluttered Mind

“We do one of two things: 1. Change it up! Add something new and exciting, or change the tactic of learning, like do a unit study instead of our usual curriculum. 2. Take a break! It really just depends on how much re-energizing I need to do!”  Jennifer at Chestnut Grove Academy

“We simply take the day off if we need to, and do something easy such as simple activities requiring little supervision, reading, or getting together with other homeschoolers.” Victoria at Homemaking with Heart

Some other suggestions include reading encouraging homeschool books and websites or attending a homeschool retreat or convention.  All of the moms agreed that the freedom and flexibility in homeschooling can give us some breathing room when we need it.

What do you do to recharge when you run out of steam?


Homeschooling: what to do when you want to quit

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    Taking a break or changing it up seems to be the most common answer and I’d definitely agree with them! Everyone needs a break for the daily routine every now and then, even if that “break” is just doing something else instead, like a nature walk, trip to the park, library, or watching an educational show.


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