Keeping Math Fun with Games

Keeping Math Fun

My favorite subject is math (I’m now ducking behind my computer screen)!  My son’s favorite subject is not math!! He isn’t terrible at it, but he gets discouraged.  Things that require memorization are hard for him; because of this, I make an effort to plan fun games to play.

Sammy loves games.  He doesn’t feel the same need to be perfect while playing them as he does while doing his book work.  This allows for some great math review, learning and fun!  Many of the first grade math review games that I have planned could be easily adapted for higher grades.  Some of the things I want to work on for this year are addition facts, subtraction facts, greater than and less than, skip counting, and telling time.

5 Fun Addition Fact Games

  1. Sum match – Place flashcards on the ground like you are playing memory.  Then make matches with the answers (i.e. 2+2 and 1+3 would be a match)
  2. Sum Swamp– I got mine at our convention’s used curriculum sale, but you can get it on Amazon – This game provides practice for both addition and subtraction.
  3. Flip 10 – Using Uno cards, you can work on addition facts to add up to 10.
  4. Fiddle Sticks – You can play this game for a wide range of repetitive learning facts (sight words, math facts, foreign language words, etc.)
  5. Dart addition – Write some numbers on your white board, have your child shoot darts at the numbers and add them together.  This was a huge hit for my nerf gun loving boy!

5 Greater Than Less Than Math Games

  1. Lego Compare
  2. War (classic, but still fun – you can use this with addition facts by flipping two cards and adding them together.)
  3. The Cup Game – We played this game early on in the school year and it was a lot of fun!
  4. Make 10 – Another big hit at our house.  It seems like such a simple game, but Sammy really enjoyed playing it and has asked to play it since then!
  5. Hungry Alligator – using a toy alligator, Sammy decides what number is bigger and eats the bigger number.

5 Skip Counting Activities

  1. Hopscotch skip counting
  2. Skip Counting  Memory- I created some basic memory cards for 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s to help Sammy work on his skip counting.  Flip over 2 cards skip count the objects (shoes – 2’s, tally marks – 5’s, and $10 bills – 10’s) and see if it matches the written number.Skip Counting Memory
  3. Skip Counting Mazes
  4. Skip Counting Online Game
  5. Speed – We don’t have this yet, but we will hopefully be adding it to our collection soon.  This game was created by a homeschool mom, and is a wonderful way to practice skip counting and multiplication facts!


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