31 ideas for frugal summer fun

31 Ideas for Frugal Summer

It’s summer and this means it’s time for some free and frugal fun with the kiddies.

“Critter hunting,” is a fun pastime.  These small toads provided a lot of free enjoyment.

Here is a quick list of 31 Ideas for Frugal Summer Fun!

  1. Indoor campout – I let my kids spread blankets around our living room, hanging them over couches and chairs, to make indoor “tents.” Here’s one moms great ideas on how to make it work.
  2. Outdoor campout – Pitch a tent in the yard and have a campout with your kids, right where you live. Our 5 “must haves” for a good indoor or outdoor campout are *Junk food, *Flashlight, *Read Alouds, * Blankets, *Card/Board Games.
  3. Family water fun –  Run through the water sprinkler, play with buckets of water, and shoot water guns together. Here are 5 additional water games you can play together from TLC.
  4. Tag and Hide n’  Seek – My kids love it when I  run & play tag with them. What makes it funnier, and makes me an easy target, is the fact that I’m usually running with a two-year-old on my hip. This is a free memory making exercise and its good “real” exercise for momma.
  5. Let your child be the teacher – Let them teach you something they know how to do. Play along even if it’s something you already know.
  6. Go for a Nature Walk & do this nature scavenger hunt.
  7. Critter Catching – Catch anything from lighting bugs, toads or butterflies. Here is some great Bug Info.
  8. Go Bowling – Check out KidsBowlFree.com
  9. Outdoor Art – such as sidewalk chalk, painting, and nature rubbings.
  10. Make Homemade sidewalk chalk.
  11. Go swimming in a lake, river or stream.
  12. Go bike riding or roller blading.
  13. Library Programs – check your local library for summer activities.
  14. Have a tea party.
  15. Write a Solider and/or send a solider a care package, contact AnySoldier.com.
  16. Check out your free local events such as car shows, concerts, plays, and lawn parties. Be sure to check your local paper for these and more.
  17. Cooking Projects – Cooking together is a wonderful way to build family memories. Here’s a list of easy kid friendly recipes.
  18. Board Games – Last week my older boys and I knocked the dust off Monopoly. We had a 6 hour game that latest over two days. It was a lot of fun. {We accomplished this during little kids naptimes & in the evening}.
  19. Vacation Bible School – besides the VBS at your church, visit some other VBS programs too.
  20. Free Building Programs – such as the program at Lowes or Home Depot.
  21. Visit the local nursing home.
  22. Make a great “combat worthy” cardboard box fort.
  23. Volunteer together – call the local soup kitchen, food pantry or sign up to clean your church as a family.
  24. Card Games – Rummy, Uno, Skip-bo, Phase 10 and more.
  25. Play Doh – All kids love Play Doh. Try these Homemade Play Doh recipes.
  26. Free Museums – If you’re able, be sure to visit our Nations free museums and monuments at the National Mall. Also check out this Nationwide list of free or reduced price Art/Science and Children’s Museums via Target.com.
  27. Teach your children how to play chess. Learn how to play chess here.
  28. Go Bird watching; here are some bird watching tips.
  29. Be thankful! Print off these free thankful mini-journals from Ann Voskamp and challenge one another to write down 7 blessings per day.
  30. Star Gaze – Lay on a blanket together under the stars {or clouds by day}.
  31. Make smoothies …because who doesn’t love a good smoothie?

Happy summer in the water sprinkler.

What are your frugal family summer fun ideas?

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