Carnival Of Homeschooling May Mashup

Carnival of Homeschooling May Mashup

Welcome to The Homeschool Post’s edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling! Since this carnival is full of a variety of topics we’ve decided to call it the “May Mashup”.


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Let’s get the party started with Mindy from DenSchool. She is sharing creative ways to welcome the start of summer – including summer bucket list cards, resources, and worksheets.

Sara shares her post “Homeschooling in a Crisis” from her blog Embracing Destiny.

Lisa offers up her opinions regarding education in her post Allow the Tortoise to Teach the Hare at her blog The HomeSpun Life.

Tiffany Holley presents Moment of Insight posted at As For My House.

Barbara Frank asks the question “should we blame homeschooling for the few unhappy homeschooled adults who are upset over their upbringing?” with her post A Homeschool Tempest in a Teapot.


Mama Squirrel, from Dewey’s Treehouse, shares her review of Planet X, a thrift store book find her family has been enjoying!


Tricia from HodgePodge Mom shares with us her post “Imperfect Homeschool: Drama and Trauma” saying “Every now and then when I share our weekly homeschool wrap ups or an art tutorial, I will get a comment like those above. I always think to myself… if only they knew the drama and trauma that goes on here daily. Also, remember that with a photo, you don’t get all the sensory overload that is happening at the time. The noise!”

Sharon has worked with special needs children in Occupational Therapy and she offers up suggestions for Homeschooling in our Sensory World.


Henry Cate, the wonderful coordinator for the Carnivals of Homeschooling, shares with us his post on the Cate Academy Year in Review- Kindergarten at Why Homeschool.


Celeste presents Nature Study at the Beach posted at Joyous Lessons.

Andrea shares with us her post “You’re right and I’m wrong” from her blog Notes from a Homeschooled Mom. She speaks on respecting children and making sure they know how to be confident and respectful as adults.


Planning on a study in Geology? Natalie from Fill Your Bookshelf shares with us her list of books from their Geology Unit Study.


Would you like to participate next week at Notes From A Homeschool Mom? Or maybe you would like to host the carnival on your blog?!


Find more details at WhyHomeschool!



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