I’m A Couponer

Mama Kautz's Coupon Binder


Not like those Extreme Couponers. I don’t think.

I took a class on how to use coupons at our local college.

It has been LIFE CHANGING!

The initial investment was:

  • 3 months of Sunday-only paper $77 (rural delivery)
  • Coupon pages. Like baseball card pages only different size pockets to accommodate different size coupons. $10
  • Super cute pink binder – Free. We homeschool y’all, we have binders all.over.the.house.
  • Initial investment – $87
  • I saved that $87, and then some, in the first two weeks.

Here are some tips that work for me:
I keep my binder in the car.
You never know when something might be on a screaming sale or even on clearance. You then save even more because you have your coupons with you.

I shop the ads.
Adding a coupon to a sale item makes sense. Especially if you have more than one coupon to purchase more than one of that item.

I don’t spend a ton of time on it every week.
My time is still important to me. I cut the coupons every week then sort them. Some weeks may have nine inserts from three papers. Other weeks may have only three. I do get my kids into the sorting and cutting. It counts as Home Ec.

Now I know you might be thinking “Ack!  All that processed food!” Yes, most coupons are for processed food. But I also get great deals on razors and shampoo. If you read my blog you also know I’m into emergency preparedness. Couponing makes my stockpile doable.

Do you coupon? What are some tips that you can add that work for you?


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Mama Kautz is a self proclaimed Jesus Freak. She drinks her coffee iced, even in winter. She is a Patriot who writes about her homesteading and prepping journey, with teens, and a touch of their homeschool lifestyle. Married to The Principal, they live on 5 acres in North Idaho where she enjoys the simple life and watching her chickens.

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