I AM sick of homeschooling!

Don’t know about you but I’m sick of homeschooling.

I AM sick of homeschooling

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My kids go around singing the GREEK alphabet, early in the morning, in the grocery aisles, and even during church service. Who knew teaching them a few letters  in another language would come back to haunt me?

They constantly want to know if they can BAKE cookies for cooking class. Hello! Mommy is trying to lose weight! Again, who knew teaching them fractions would come back and torment my figure.  AND breakfast in bed every morning is making me lazy.  Kids please put down your spatula and quit eating those tomatoes out of the garden!

Don’t even get me started on using percentages and finding the perfect sale. “But, Mommy it is half off! 50 cents is 2 quarters and M & Ms are half of a dollar which is 50 cents today.”
Yeah, that kind of cuteness from a 6 year old is quite appealing. But, still – candy?! It took me a year for my firstborn to even taste sugar…but I guess the fifth child is all about cuteness. (Don’t judge!)

Then there is geography! My personal favorite subject. “Daughter,” said in my June Cleaver voice, “it is time to get out of the shower.” Her brother comes in “Yeah, Hawaii called – it is no longer an island, you used up all the water.”

AND government! I think my kids invented the word filibuster. If I hear another reason why my other daughter should have the right to have an iPhone – I might be her campaign manager myself when she runs for the Senate.

Seriously, I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Blessings to you! You are loved!



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    I am new to homeschooling and never hardly comment here but……I had to tell you that this is hilarious and fabulous and oh so true! I am already seeing signs of this with my own kiddos. Love it!

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