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Not sure about you – but our family loves books!  My hubby even made us our own library.

So, when I hit certain book stores – I can’t help myself but look in the clearance section for more.  The problem is because I have so many books – I was buying double.

Organizing Books @loving5kids

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So I started doing some research on a simplified way to categorize them.

A simple app called:

Book Crawler

Book Crawler

I am able to scan the bar code with my phone then it pulls up the book.

I can then say I own, borrowed, or lent the book. I can also see how much the book is worth.  Then I am able to send all the books I’ve entered into a spreadsheet via Dropbox on my computer.  It is super simple.

Seriously, I have over 200 entered and about 1000 more to go.  It is amazing how many books a homeschool teacher can collect.

The Book Crawler app is available for the iOS and OSx operating systems.

It has a lite (free) version but I quickly upgraded.

The developers have no idea who I am.  I wasn’t paid for this review.  I just thought it would be something that all homeschoolers could use to organize their libraries.

In fact, I’m organizing my entire house in a series called Project Cleanse.

How do you organize your home library?

Blessings to you!  You are loved!


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