Homeschool Blog and Tell – January Edition

Blog and Tell January

I’m super excited to announce a new series we will have here on The Homeschool Post!

Say howdy to HOMESCHOOL BLOG and TELL!

This is a series that you get to show off what is going on in your homeschool!  Each month will have a theme.

January’s theme is:  “Show us your ARTWORK!”


January is a month that gets a bad rap in my opinion.  Christmas decorations are put away (hopefully.) It is usually too cold to go outside.  So what is there to do?  School and Artwork.  Which might be the same most days.

So no matter what you call ART – we want to see ART that you either made, your kid made, or maybe you just liked and blogged about it.  (Please no nudity…we are family friendly around here.)

Now for a few guidelines:  (I know…no one likes a lot of rules, so there are not many.)

  • Please direct your link to a certain post NOT your home page.  We have the right to delete your link if this is not followed.
  • Use a least one photo in your post.  We want to SEE what you have done!
  • Link your specific post to The Homeschool Post. (Again, we have the right to delete your link if this is not followed.)
  • These can be OLDER posts.  We are okay with that – we want to drive you web traffic!

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to ask!  We are here for ALL homeschoolers and truly want to bless you guys!

Blog and Tell January

If you are on Twitter, Google+, or even Instagram please use the hashtag:  #HSBAT. 

Now, SHOW us your ARTWORK!

Blessings to you! You are loved!



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