Books, Books, Books!!!

Can we all just be honest with one another? We as homeschoolers might have a bit of a book addiction!  Or is that just me?




There is no denying that many homeschoolers have a plethora of books in their home.  Afterall, we are educators with one or two or more blessings to instruct.



I have a confession.  I like to peruse the used homeschool websites and/or Amazon after reading about a really good book that a homeschool mother or father have raved about.  And I sometimes (or more than sometimes) buy that book and it… sits on my shelf!  YIKES!


This year, I am determined to break out those books from my shelf and find inspiration.  Why?  Well, I personally would like to expand my horizons and glean some knowledge from those who have gone before me in the blessed life of homeschooling. [Yes, it’s a blessing!  WE are influencing our God-given blessing(s) toward following Him, not the world.]


Also, I’ve personally felt some isolation as a homeschool parent.  Now don’t get me wrong.  We are social folks.   We go to church, Bible study (most of the time), Scouts, co-op soccer and get out and about and visit people.  But in the day to day, we are mostly home with our child(ren).  ALL DAY.  That can make for some isolation.  Not that we are unappreciative of what we do or what God has given us.  But I think that mothers (I’m not forgetting the fathers–yes, we appreciate the fathers who educate their blessings too!) CRAVE fellowship with sisters-in-Christ.   Realistically, we cannot fellowship as much as others who do not homeschool, because we need to keep our focus on our homes and the demands of homeschooling.


Let me preface the following paragraph with a couple of notes.  First of all, my edition of Sally Clarkson’s book is an older edition, printed before the boom of internet and blogs.  Secondly, I think her advice is still applicable even in the internet-crazed days of today.  Why?  What happens on a computer?  We have unlimited access to look up things (Google, anyone?).  Yes, blogs are encouraging, and I support them!  I even write on my own blog sometimes, and try to encourage others when I can.  HOWEVER, when one opens a book, it’s in my humble and honest opinion we stay more focused and on task.  We are “one” with our book.  I personally don’t get that from my laptop!


Sally Clarkson said it best in her book Educating the Wholehearted Child:  “A certain degree of isolation is the price you will pay for the choice to give your children the opportunity to learn at home.  You will need regular encouragement to strengthen your convictions and to keep going as a home educator, so do what you tell your child to do–look to your books.  Start building a library section of books on home schooling.  Even though they’re just paper and ink, they’ll become some of your best friends the longer you home school.”


WOW, I couldn’t have said it better myself, Sally!DSC_0342


In 2013, will you purpose to dust off the bookshelf, and while there, look for hidden treasures among them?  Will you also consider gifting someone a book or two that they are not able to purchase?  God loves a cheerful giver!


Happy New Year!  May you be blessed, increasing in His knowledge day by day!  

He that getteth wisdom loveth his own soul:  he that keepeth understanding shall find good.  Proverbs 19:8




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