The Refocusing

Definition of Focus

It happens every year. The need to focus.

Christmas is over. Winter is setting in for the long haul. Where we live, after the first snow, it may be Easter before we see the ground again.

I always say I’m going to do a lot of read-alouds and family game nights. I plan fun indoor learning activities. Which, for the most part, is true. Until about the end of February when we start to get antsy from hibernating.

With focusing comes organizing. Purging of old curriculum and books. Papers that don’t need to be saved until their wedding day.

You get the idea.

With the New Year comes new beginnings….again. Refreshed outlooks on our school year.  I look at it as a repeat of September when we are excited for school.

What will you be doing with the New Year?

Revamping your plan? Changing things up or plugging along? Do you purge old or buy new?

Katey K


Katey K (14 Posts)

Mama Kautz is a self proclaimed Jesus Freak. She drinks her coffee iced, even in winter. She is a Patriot who writes about her homesteading and prepping journey, with teens, and a touch of their homeschool lifestyle. Married to The Principal, they live on 5 acres in North Idaho where she enjoys the simple life and watching her chickens.

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  1. says

    Definitely organizing becomes my winter project. I purge old stuff, organize what we need or what we’ll need next year, and start to make to-do lists for spring. Along with winter also comes family game nights and baking projects too! (The fun stuff!) :)


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