Spelling City – Free but Needs Rules

My kids and I have tried different spelling programs.  Different meaning multiple.

Master Speller at iLoveMy5Kids

This is our master speller in our home.



What was working for some of my children was not working for others.  Plus, the time they were working on spelling was just ridiculous.

So I came up with a plan to work with Spelling City, a free spelling program available to anyone.

Learn spelling and vocabulary

I only use it with my kids who have been taught phonics and spelling rules.  This is just to reinforce what has been already taught and to help to learn new words.

Thus far, this has been working for us.  Again, I should mention it is free.

Some of the words that have been mastered in the past weeks just from my 11 year old:

Can I just say as a mom, I had to second guess myself when I gave him the test that I even knew how to pronounce some the words?  Thankfully, Spelling City even gives the test for me so I have less mess ups.  It is exciting to me that my kids have a love for learning and truly want to expand their vocabulary!

Here is a copy of the rules we have made for Spelling City to work for us as a stand-alone spelling curriculum.  I called them rules…but in my mind, rules in a homeschool can be broken and made to work for you as a family.  What works for us now might not work in six months.  I find myself learning to be more and more flexible.

Go to this link to see a full sized copy of our Spelling City Rules for Spelling!

  Feel free to use and share with others.

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If you are not sure how to use Spelling City, here is a past POST that explains it in detail.

Blessings to you!  You are loved!



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