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Hi! I am Laurie, also known as PoeticLotion. I am honored to join the bloggers here at the Homeschool Post. I feel under-qualified in so many ways compared to the others here, because even though I’ve been blogging off and on for years, I’ve never really done it consistently. But I’m trying.

When people ask me to define myself, I typically respond with three specific labels. I am a Christian. I am a homeschooling mom. I am a professional writer.

Laurie the Christian

In high school, I developed a deep connection with Jesus Christ that was beyond what most teenagers could comprehend. I didn’t worry about tests or report cards or SAT scores. Not that I didn’t study hard and do my best. But I understood that failing a test in my junior year would not define me for life. I knew I was meant for bigger and better things. After high school, life happened. Many bad choices and difficult situations pulled me away from that close relationship with God. I longed to get it back, but never quite knew how. Thankfully, I met some Christian friends who helped me regrow my faith. I am currently reading the Bible cover to cover, regularly attending church, and while I do still worry unnecessarily, I know that I was meant for bigger and better things. And I’m trying.

PoeticLotion Laurie

Laurie the Homeschooling Mom

My husband, James, and I had been married for three years when we decided it was time to start a family. Annie was born nine months later in 2001. Allison was born in 2004 and Tyler (or TJ) came along in 2008. You guys, I totally love being a mom. I loved it the moment I held that precious little baby in my arms and I’ve known it every day since then. I’ve known it with each of my babies and each stage they’ve gone through.

I had never heard of homeschooling, but James had. He told me about it and encouraged me to read about it. I was hooked before Annie was even born and began homeschooling her immediately. She’d listen to classical music in the womb while I listened to Shaggy. All three of my kids learned sign language before they could speak so they could communicate. They’re all bright, funny, and creative children.

My baby, TJ, is a computer whiz and a gamer like his mom. He is a sweet, sensitive boy who opens doors for his sisters and carries groceries for his Dad. He likes to help and cleans up after himself.

My baby girl, Allison, is a creative story-teller. She writes stories constantly and is very detail-oriented. She is great with math and has an amazing memory. She can mimic songs and commercials after only hearing them once. If you’ve seen my avatar on Twitter, you’ve seen Allison.

My Annie Kate is my oldest and my mini-me. She is sensitive and creative and artistic. She loves to craft and has her own blog called Everything 4 Gals. She has an eye for video production and makes a great director, but she prefers to be in front of the camera and center-stage (unlike her Momma).

I am learning how each of my children is different and how to teach to their style of learning. My overall goal as a homeschool mom is to teach my children to teach themselves. Because that’s what life is all about. Learning means growing, even though it can be hard. But we’re all trying.

PoeticLotion Laurie

Laurie the Writer

I can officially call myself a professional writer and author, but I still have a hard time believing it.

I didn’t always want to be a writer. In my high school Honor’s Program, I had to write an in-depth paper about my career choice. I wrote my paper on becoming a marine biologist. My father approved, because marine biologists made good money. My sister-in-law approved, because it was a mainly male field and I would have my choice of men for a husband. (Yeah, I know.) Me? I found that working on the project was… well, work.

For our final Honor’s Program project, we were to choose between writing a short story and doing a presentation. Since I have massive fears about public speaking, I chose the short story. You can probably guess what happened. My teacher loved it. I loved writing it. It wasn’t work; it was fun. I changed my major in college to Professional and Technical Writing and haven’t looked back.

I started my own writing and design service, Aardvark Writing, in 1998. It grew to include a staff of writers and designers, and we wrote for companies like IBM, CitiGroup, and Monster. When the economy faltered, so did my business. Many of my regular clients were small businesses, and either closed their doors or simply could no longer afford to pay for a professional writing service. I turned to freelancing. I currently write for several clients and blog for Bright Ideas Press and About One. In 2010, I published my book, The Fourever Club. I also wrote as a Community Columnist for the Warren Tribune that year.

I am attempting to write more consistently at my personal blog, Silky Poetic Lotion. Also, you can find me on Twitter at @PoeticLotion, where I run my mouth about completely random topics. I am currently working on a novel as well as preparing my children’s poetry for publication. Feel free to share my spoken poems with your kids and let me know what they think.

I am happy to be here, and I hope that I can keep up the high standards of the bloggers here. I look forward to getting to know everybody and becoming a bigger part of the homeschool blogging community. I am trying to do bigger and better things, and I’m thankful that God has led me here.

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