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Hi. I’m Katey AKA Mama Kautz
Married The Principal as a single mom to 4 and 5 1/2 year old boys. We then had a girl and boy soon after.
Final score Boys = 3, Girls = 1. They are now 14, 16, 21 and 22
I was born and raised in the Seattle area….transplanted to North Idaho just about10 years ago.
If you had told me when we got married, that I would be living on 5 acres, 35 minutes from the nearest Target I would have LAUGHED at you.
I am now a city girl transplanted to the country and loving every minute of it.

Katey's Family

About my Blog
I began blogging because I had to register in order to leave a comment on my cousins blog.
My first post was in August 2006.
Around that same time we decided to homeschool.
That first year I had kids in 2nd grade, 4th grade, 9th grade, and 10th grade.
This was when Crazy Homeschool Mama was born. I was crazy FOR my kids, not as a result.
My blog has grown and changed. It is now at where I Blog Transparently for Christ.

Our Homeschool
I am on my second round of high school. We school loosely Charlotte Mason.
We have named our school Red Rock Christian Academy.

My Favorites
Coffee creamer: Bailey’s Irish Cream
Color: Pink in memory of my Cousin Jamie
TV Show: Walking Dead
Shoes: My hot pink Converse AKA Chucks
iPhone App: Instagram

Katey K (14 Posts)

Mama Kautz is a self proclaimed Jesus Freak. She drinks her coffee iced, even in winter. She is a Patriot who writes about her homesteading and prepping journey, with teens, and a touch of their homeschool lifestyle. Married to The Principal, they live on 5 acres in North Idaho where she enjoys the simple life and watching her chickens.

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