Toilet Paper Tubes: from Trash to Treasure

There are so many uses for handy Cardboard Tubes. There are examples of several below. Clicking on the image  will take you to the instructions for each project.

{Note: All of these projects are from other talented bloggers out there. We have done our best to link to the original source.}

Toilet Paper Tubes for Homeschool

Pinned Image

 Toilet Paper Tubes for Holidays

Toilet Paper Tubes for Toys

Spinning Robot Toy

Toilet Paper Tubes for Arts and Crafts

Toilet paper tube owls
Toilet paper tube farm animals
toilet paper tube penguin puppets

 Toilet Paper Tubes In the Garden

Organizing with Toilet Paper Tubes

Toilet Paper Tube-Dryer Lint Firestarter


Toilet Paper Tube Gift Boxes

How do you use toilet paper tubes?  Please share in the comments.


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    • Becky says

      Can someone help me! I’ve perused all over this site trying to find directions on how to make the toilet paper tube wig. I see it on pinterest but none of these links it send me to has directions. Thanks for any help you can give…..

  1. says

    I do historical reenacting (American Revolution) and, while I can and do make period-correct fires, sometimes the guys would rather play Army than chop kindling and tinder for us…and it rains. So when nobody is looking — usually before public hours in the morning — I use fire starters made from TP tubes. Stuff them with waste paper: paper towels I drained bacon on are “da bomb,” dryer lint, burned wooden matchsticks, etc. No, I don’t use used TP, but remember — whatever it is, it will be BURNED! After it’s stuffed, put a bit of cheap cooking oil (store brand corn oil) on it and let it soak the tube. I keep them in a used plastic bag. They are SUPER tinder.


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