Almost Voting Time…


You aren’t crazy – the voting polls are not up yet.

We hit a snag.

Hurricane Sandy slowed us and the rest of the nation down this week, and we are coming precariously close to opening our voting polls on the same day that all of us go to the polls to pick leaders that will govern our nation, states, and local municipalities.

We are working feverishly to make up lost time and trying not to burn our retinas out in the process.

We are amazed by your blog recommendations and making secret lists to hoard of our very own favorites that you nominated. Because you know, there are a LOT OF GREAT homeschool blogs out there – and so many amazing people. I feel like a total gawker after spending time reading so many about pages and blog posts in the past few days. You guys are so fantastic.

My crazy tea mug. #art #scream

Even coffee won’t be able to keep this old lady going any later tonight – I mean hey, it’s Saturday already… have to get some shut eye – will finish tomorrow, er today. My coffee mug is fitting, yes?

Can I leave you guys a bit of advice? If you are a homeschool blogger, and you know who you are… you should certainly mention homeschooling SOMEWHERE on your blog’s sidebar, about page, or frequently in posts. We have had to disqualify some blogs because there was NOTHING we could find about homeschooling on them… despite them being pretty, interesting, and relevant on other topics.

And please, no matter what kind of blogger you are… for the LOVE OF PETE: INCLUDE A SEARCH FEATURE on your sidebar. #haveMERCY

OK, now I’m going to turn off this laptop and step away… and our poor little paid “helper” who is coding all the polls and making tidy pages to tuck them into – she’s been given the rest of the night, er, morning off. Don’t want to make the effects of hurricane Sandy any more traumatic on her – making her stay up all night, too.

The voting can wait, as fun and exciting as it is.

Check back with us tonight… or at the latest, early Sunday morning. And if anyone wants to donate a cup of Joe to the cause, feel free to shoot me a twitter DM at @sprittibee (I promise to share the love with my little helper).

Even though there may be a minor delay (unlike the general election)… the vote will go on. No worries. Relax. Or like the pigeon says on the movie, “Bolt” :

“Wait for it!…”

Your homeschoolin’ friend,

Credits: Photo by NASA

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