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I never imagined college would be this close in all my years of homeschooling. Yet if you keep plodding along, those happy little preschoolers eventually turn in to teenagers that are ready for dual credit and for you to hand over the car keys. I have two of them now — nearly 16 and nearly 14 (and the jury is out on which one will end up driving first – or even attending college first).

This past month, I took my college-minded thirteen year old daughter to her very first college fair to gather information about all of the schools in our area and more. She picked up a huge sack of brochures, talked to countless counselors and recruiters, and even talked with some mothers whose children had managed to get in to the colleges they desired to attend. All of the information we got was enough to make my head spin.

One thing was said to us over and over, though:

It’s a great time to start looking in to college when you are just starting high school.

Getting an early start on college inquiry and planning gives you an edge as you homeschool so your child can can get all the required learning done in those four short years and not have to cram everything in to their senior year at the last minute. Who wants to waste the last year at home on cramming? It would be so much better to have a lighter schedule with SAT study time and room to make memories with mom and dad before spreading their wings and flying away from the nest!

We at the Homeschool Post want to help you get your high school and college ducks in a row. We know (since many of us are living in this stage of homeschooling right now with you) that this topic is often daunting. We are partnering with Lee Binz of The HomeScholar (the online Homeschool ‘Guidance Counselor’) to bring a Webinar to you about High School Grades, Credits and Transcripts this winter – after the holidays.

Here’s a quick note from Lee and a link below to get your EARLY pre-registration taken care of – since this event is bound to fill up (the webinar is FREE) and space is limited.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dear Homeschool Parent,

Hi, my name is Lee Binz, The HomeScholar. My goal is to help parents who are committed to giving their teens the best possible high school education and providing them their best shot at college. I want to take away any fear and replace it with the knowledge you need to ensure homeschool high school success.

I want to empower and educate you to be the best high school teacher, parent and guidance counselor possible. That is why I am so excited to be hosting a FREE one-hour educational webinar on Friday, January 11, 2013, exclusively for readers of The Homeschool Post.

“A Homeschool Parent’s Guide to High School Grades, Credits and Transcripts” will cover all the essentials you need to know to calculate credits, determine grades and create transcripts. In this webinar you will learn:

* 5 sure-fire ways to determine high school credit

* How to let go of “grade anxiety” in your homeschool

* The one factor that will give you ABSOLUTE FREEDOM in your high school

* How you, as the homeschool parent, can help the colleges with their “nightmare scenario”…and how helping them will also help you!

* 5 killer advantages of a properly-crafted homeschool transcript

* 3 transcript pitfalls that can cripple your child’s chances for college admission and

We have something really special planned for the people who attend this presentation live, so make sure you sign up soon to reserve a spot.

“A Homeschool Parent’s Guide to High School Grades, Credits and Transcripts”

Friday, January 11, 2013

FREE (space limited)

5 pm PST / 6pm MST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing instructions to help you join the Webinar. To say “thank you” for registering, you will receive a free monthly email newsletter that will help you homeschool through high school graduation.

Won’t you join us in January for this online event?

Hope to “see” you there!

In Him,


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