Girls of the World – Fun Geography and Culture Learning Tool

One of the things I have done over the years during our geography and culture studies is throw in books that have photos of families living in different cultures and countries of the world. Many of them show houses and people, foods and animals, things from that land that make it special.


I always loved doing country studies and my kids even participated in a culture fair one year and presented a report and project on Japan. They wore costumes, cooked foods, wrote poetry, gave oral reports, and told their peers all about what they had learned. Hard to believe that my little “Japanese” kids in the picture above are now 15 and 13!

One thing they didn’t get to do was see and hear a real Japanese kid. That’s why video opens a whole new door to geography study. Of course, you could probably sit and watch a long documentary, also… but I wanted to tell you about a quick new way to add visual and audio aid to your country studies.

Check out this quick and fun little clip about France…

‘Girls of the World’ showcases smart girls from around the globe. Each girl sends in a video “postcard” showing a slice of their daily life and a little about the favorite places and things they love about their culture or country. Another fun feature are their inspirational quotes that they end each episode with (quotes by a “Smart” woman from that country).

Plane Graphic

Brandi Whitewolf, the Associate Producer of Girls of the World says…

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls channel has launched a new show called Girls of the World. Each week, the show elucidates how different girls from a myriad of cultures, ethnicities, and groups utilize their heritage and intelligence in being themselves. Girls of the World celebrates smart girls around the globe, demonstrating how much we all have in common, even as our lives are different. The show provides us with first hand insight into each girls’ culture and geography.

They have a channel on YouTube that you can check out and pick the countries you are interested in learning about. Visit the Smart Girls of the World YouTube Channel and see if they don’t inspire you to branch out on your own country unit study.

Bonne journée!


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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Girls of the World so they could get the word out about their YouTube Channel! Visit them there, or check them out on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook.

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