Top Ten Questions Homeschooled Kids Get Asked (And Their Answers)

As homeschooling parents we are accustomed to fielding all sorts of questions about what it’s like to homeschool. These questions are typically well-intentioned, however, some tend to be downright silly.

I decided to poll my almost 13-year-old and almost 10-year-old about the kinds of questions they get asked from other kids. They meet other children through many different venues, and it’s easy to forget that our kids are out there fielding questions, too.

Here are the top ten questions homeschooled kids get asked, along with my kids’ answers.

  1. What school do you go to? Answer: I’m homeschooled. (Which brings up questions 2-10.)
  2. What time do you start school? Answer: 9:30am (They must feel guilty about this one as something closer to 11am is more accurate!)
  3. Do you get to do school in your pajamas? Answer: No. (That’s true, I’m big on getting dressed.)
  4. Can you do anything you want at recess? Answer: I don’t have recess. (Editor’s note: kids can’t do what they want at recess?)
  5. Do you get to watch tv whenever you want? Answer: No.
  6. What time do you get up/go to sleep? Answer: 8:30am/10:00pm
  7. Who’s your teacher? Answer: My mom (Yes, I double-checked — they do get asked this question.)
  8. Is your mom a teacher? Answer: No. (Love this question – and the answer!)
  9. Quick, what’s 6 x 8? (or some other multiplication question) Answer: (Hopefully) 48.
  10. Do you get homework? Answer: No. All my work is done at home — if I had other work, it would be away-work.
A pattern is clearly developing with these questions. The typical kid wants to know if a homeschooled kid has personal freedom and if they are actually learning anything from their moms (of all people!). Secretly, or not so secretly, all kids want to be homeschooled.
If you’re a homeschooled kid or teen what questions do you get asked? Are they different from ours? Feel free to tell me about them in the comment section!


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  1. says

    I was a teenager before I ever heard of homeschooling. The minute I did, though, I knew that that was what I wanted for myself. Lacking that option, I just went ahead and had some of my own so we could do that. :-)

  2. says

    My kids also get asked what grade they are in, and since I don’t go by grade(just age & ability level), they often don’t know what grade they are in. Sometimes they are at one level in one subject and at another level in another subject(one of the benefits of homeschooling!) and other kids have a hard time understanding this.

  3. says

    Your comment that kids secretly or not so secretly want to be homeschooled is very true. Every child needs to be helped and educated at home whether or not they are homeschooled. Every child needs the personal attention and love that comes with a parent or mentor helping them with their individual education.

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